Writer and columnist Bob Lefsetz has a new podcast and it’s loud, thoughtful, slightly bat shit crazy and all the other things we’ve come to love about the long-suffering writer of the Lefsetz Letter.

Lefsetz is a gifted interviewer and broadcaster and it doesn’t take long listening to his first episode with John Boyle from Insomniac to realize that Lefsetz is a natural talent behind the microphone, both getting people to talk as well as talking about himself. Lefsetz has been on Howard Stern, CNN and regularly speaks at both Aspen Live and other industry events like EDMBiz — this is not his first rodeo. This podcast is more of Bob being Bob, reminding listeners he attended the first HARD Halloween (“I was there!” he shouts at one point) or recalling his helicopter ride into EDC Vegas, which he called “an inherently frightening situation.”


The first episode is a deep dive into Lefsetz’s brain, which can be a frightening and slightly disorienting, yet still highly amusing. Kudos to Bob, he’s got a gift for broadcasting and we look forward to future episodes.