Several of our readers were visiting Hawaii Saturday when an erroneous message was sent to a number of phones warning about a possible missile strike on the island.


I saw people in the next building screaming and freaking out but I assumed it was some family squabble. Then my friend and her husband came in and said as they were coming up the stairs someone told them there was a missile coming and we all needed to go to the parking garage,” said Stefanie Curran, General Manager Spokane Convention Center and INB Performing Arts Center in Washington, who was vacationing in Maui when the alert came in.

Instead of freaking out, Curran said “I’m not going to die in a parking garage” and said “so let’s make guamosas (guava juice and champagne) which we did. My parents are in a condo on Kauai and they got a phone call telling them to seek shelter. They grew up in Scotland in WWII so they’ve been through many bomb threats so they were also chill.”

Mandy Strudler Mann, VP and GM of the Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon was in Hawaii with her husband and two young kids when the threat came through. She spent the moments after the alert, “huddled in the bathroom.I had no idea what to do so I treated it like a tornado,” said the former Texan.

“It seemed realistic. I had no reason to doubt it other than there were no sirens sounding. Luckily we are on Kauai and I figure Oahu is the target but also thought a tsunami could be a bi-product? Who the hell knows.”