Kid Rock changed the name of his “Greatest Show on Earth” tour following a trademark legal threat from Feld Entertainment, but that’s not stopping the owners of Ringling Bros. circus from pushing forward with their request for a preliminary injunction against Kid Rock.

Today attorneys for Feld filed a response to a recent filing by Rock’s attorneys, saying the singer’s voluntary decision to forego use of the trademark should not stop the issue of an injunction in the case.


“If the defendants sincerely intend not to infringe, the injunction harms them little; if they do, it gives [plaintiff] substantial protection of its trademark,” attorney Brian Albritton wrote in the filing. He also cited an Instagram comment by Rock that stated “changed the name (of the tour) due to a lawsuit, which by the way, we would have changed if just contacted!)”

Albritton said that Feld did attempt to contact Rock in October and submitted an email exchange with Rock’s lawyer Dec. 22. A hearing on the preliminary injunction is set for Tuesday at 09:30 AM in Tampa federal court before Judge Mary S. Scriven.