The Las Vegas Golden Knights just wrapped a miracle season, making it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals in their first year as an expansion franchise. While the team blew away even the most optimistic expectations, team officials say they are disappointed with one aspect of their business that didn’t go as planned — their deal with StubHub.

Team officials say the eBay-owned ticket retailer owes the team $1.5 million, accusing the company of strong-arming the hockey squad, while also taking steps to keep their agreement with the ticketer confidential. It’s a bizarre spat that has the team picking a fight with StubHub, while also filing motions to seal and redact parts of the lawsuit so the public can’t learn about “important trade secrets” regarding the team’s negotiation strategies and contract terms.


A judge is likely to agree to seal the sensitive material since both sides are seeking confidentiality, but there are details of the suit that have emerged. According to the redacted complaint, the Knights objected to an email StubHub sent out after the team clinched a playoff spot, encouraging fans to “sell your Golden Knights playoff tickets, cover your season ticket cost.”

The lawsuit alleges that the team was owned $1.5 million as part of a secret agreement with StubHub, but was only paid $254,000, which it had to split with AXS, the team’s ticketing provider. An attorney for the team is asking a judge to allow him to file the lawsuit under seal and with redact portions that contain trade secrets. A redacted version of the civil complaint can be found here.