Kevin Lyman embarks on his final Warped Tour this summer, but the longtime promoter and advocate isn’t taking much time off. Just 11 days after the 24th annual Warped Tour wraps in West Palm Beach, Lyman will begin teaching classes at the University of Southern California, where he’s been hired as an associate professor in the Thornton School of Music.

“When I first started Warped Tour 24 years ago, I thought I would do it for one year and then go into teaching,” he tells Amplify. Instead, Lyman ended up creating one of the longest running brands in touring and established a number of charities including his new initiative FEND which tackles the opioid epidemic. Lyman has also worked on efforts to get out the vote, protect the environment and provide service to those in need.

“Whatever I’ve done in my life has been tied to a philosophy that links music, education and charity and that’s why I’ve decided to accept this position,” says Lyman, who will continue to operate his company 4Fini and develop branding and consulting work in the festival and music space.