Live Nation VP Andrew Macrae avoided jail time today after pleading guilty to voyeurism and indecency charges. Last year Macrae was caught by an off-duty cop using a pen camera and a laptop bag to peek up women’s skirts in London and police have revealed that a raid of Macrae’s house turned up a hard drive containing 50,000 images.

According to the Guardian, Macrae, who earned about $250,000 a year, admitted that he:

  • Installed a camera in the guest bedroom of his home to film his wife’s friends when they stayed over.
  • Filmed through his neighbor’s window while she was undergoing a waxing treatment, and secretly entered her house using a spare key to photograph himself in her underwear.
  • Stole a a pair of underwear from a colleague’s gym bag and photographed them laid out on his desk.

Since getting caught, Macrae has lost his job, been in the process of getting divorced from his wife and moved back to his ­parents’ home in Ludlow, Shrops. You can read all the details of this sordid story here.