The New York Times just released a damaging report on the power brokers of Hollywood who enabled Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and assault, and much of the report takes aim at one Hollywood talent agency — CAA.

“At CAA, at least eight talent agents were told that Mr. Weinstein had harassed or menaced female clients, but agents there continued to arrange private meetings,” the Dec. 6 report reads, alleging that CAA managing partner Bryan Lourd tried to set up a meeting between reporter Ronan Farrow and Weinstein in an effort to kill a damaging expose that would forever alter Weinstein’s life.


“In mid-September, Mr. Weinstein stormed into Mr. Lourd’s office to complain about an article that Ronan Farrow, a CAA client, was writing on Mr. Weinstein’s alleged misconduct for The New Yorker, according to someone familiar with CAA’s dealings with Mr. Weinstein,” the report reads. “Later that month, Mr. Lourd tried to set up a meeting at the producer’s request. ‘This guy won’t meet right now,’ he wrote to Mr. Weinstein on Sept. 26. ‘He did say he will call you soon. I think he is absolutely pursuing the story.'”

The report raises some questions about the agency’s knowledge of Weinstein’s behavior and failure to report multiple incidents of sexual misconduct, including attempted sexual advances reported by Gwyneth Paltrow.

It also draws questions about Disney’s involvement with Weinstein, as well as unethical favor trading with Hollywood gossip reporters like A. J. Benza with the New York Daily News. You can read the report here.