Yesterday the Sacramento Bee’s Ryan Lillis had an interesting story titled Busier than Staples Center in LA, Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center had a Huge Concert Year.

Pretty compelling stuff and it would have been a big story if it were actually true. Yes the Golden 1 Center had a huge concert year for which they should be proud, but no, it didn’t beat Staples Center.


As we’ve reported in the past, AEG, which owns the Staples Center, has pulled their support for Pollstar following the purchase of the company in July by former CEO Tim Leiweke and longtime rival Irving Azoff. Much to the consternation of Pollstar’s new editorial team, AEG has stopped cooperating with Pollstar, isn’t sending most of its employees to the Pollstar conference and has cut back on what it reports to the trade publication.

Sources at Staples Center tell Amplify they have stopped reporting concert grosses to Pollstar, which has led to a subsequent decline on Pollstar’s Top 200 Arenas chart, dropping from No. 19 on the 2016 chart to No. 45 on the 2017 chart.

Pollstar has Staples Center’s 2017 attendance at 413,998. The actual attendance is 746,198 for 2017, which would have put them at number 12 on the Pollstar chart. Who’s to blame? Pollstar would likely say its Staples Center since they stopped reporting their numbers, although Pollstar did not make any attempt to explain this to readers (or local media who often cover these charts). They likely received some show grosses that were reported by the tours — not Staples Center — and then compiled those numbers for their chart.

If Staples Center isn’t reporting its numbers, should Pollstar just take them off the chart instead of assigning them an artificially low number? Or here’s a compromise – put an asterisk next the name of venues that didn’t report their numbers so that readers know they’re seeing an incomplete picture.

Just a little free advice to my friends in Fresno….you’re welcome.