Here at Amplify, we continue to be inspired by the story of David Francisco, a Tennessee musician and the son of founder John Platillero. What began as a tragic story in 2016 has blossomed into something quite unexpected — an inspirational tale of courage, healing and now, forgiveness.

Last year, David was riding his bike when he was hit by motorist Freya Markowski, who blew through a red light going 40 miles per hour. We recently learned that Markowski was having a mental health crisis at the time of the accident, the details of which are laid out in this weekend story in the Tennessean.


Markowski was clearly in a very bad state of mind and the accident nearly killed Francisco, tearing his spinal cord and leaving him partially paralyzed. His recovery from the accident has been incredible – but today’s story is one of a different kind of healing. Not only did Francisco immediately forgive Markowski for the accident, but he asked his father to attend her criminal hearing last October and tell the prosecutor and judge that his son bore no ill will against the woman who hit him, leading to the charges being dismissed.

The story goes on from there, and I encourage you to read it here — it’s not long and definitely worth the read. And if you happen to be in Nashville tonight, I encourage you to attend David Francisco’s Benefit Concert and Documentary Screening at City Winery. Details for the event are available here.