Today marks the two-week anniversary of the “cyber incident” that took down Ticketfly, with much of the platform still operating on temporary fixes, while the company’s Promoter and Fanbase apps are still not operational.

Ticketfly appears to be close to relaunching its Ticketfly iOS app, sending out an update yesterday for “minor fixes” (whatever that means) with some users reporting that the app appears to be working, while others say they still can’t buy tickets.


Two weeks after the attack that left defaced the message “Your Security Down, im Not Sorry,” we know very little about what caused the attack, although it is believed that the hacker found a vulnerability in one of the 400-500 WordPress sites the company operates on behalf of their clients. Venues, promoters and festival clients of Ticketfly are now using clone sites created by Ticketfly owner Eventbrite while the company develops a long-term solution for the websites.

The May 31 outage shut down ticketing for hundreds of venues and events across North America and took large parts of the independent concert infrastructure offline, leading to questions about the sustainability of the company and whether the ticketing giant had become too big to fail.