The U.S. Treasury Department is accusing a well known Mexican music promoter of helping a Jalisco drug cartel launder money, and has placed him on a list of foreign criminals, freezing his U.S. assets and baring him from entering the U.S., IQ and the Associated Press are reporting.

Federal officials say the popular banda and norteno promoter Jesus Perez Alvear, better known as Chucho Perez, used concerts to “wash” drug money and colluded with violent drug gangs like Jalisco’s Los Cuinis and alleged kingpins Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes (a.k.a. “Mencho”) and Abigael Gonzalez Valencia to build Alvear’s music company Gallistica Diamante (a.k.a. Ticket Premier).


The Treasury Department has labeled Alvear as a Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficker (SDNT) pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Kingpin Act).

“Our designation of Jesus Perez Alvear exposes his role helping CJNG and Los Cuinis exploit the Mexican music industry to launder drug proceeds and glorify their criminal activities,” a press release from the Treasury Department reads. “Chucho Perez uses violence to obtain concessions to operate these concerts under the name of his music promotion business, by commingling them with legitimate revenues generated from the sale of tickets, refreshments, parking, and other items.”

The report also claims Perez “often promotes musical acts known for singing narcocorridos, or ballads that glorify drug traffickers and their illicit activities. Some of these acts have ties to drug trafficking organizations.”

Read the Treasury Dept. press release announcing the sanctions here.