There was no brotherly love in Philly on Sunday for fans of a certain losing Minnesota football club. Reports are trickling out about terrible fan behavior by Eagles fans, like flipping off and throwing full cans of beers at two visiting Viking fans as they walked in front of the Wells Fargo Center (pictured above). At one point state troopers had to be brought in, capping off a crazy day that saw female fans getting cursed out and covered in beer and this guy saying a three-year-old who got hit with a beer bottle deserved it. My favorite story — this boozy conspiracy by Eagles fans to sign up as Uber drivers and drop off Vikings fans in the wrong place.

Is Nicky Scarfo running the city’s Welcome Committee? The town known for giving America the Broad Street Bullies has gotten some serious negative press for the way visiting fans were treated — “I have never been to a sporting event where I feared for my safety until last Sunday,” lifelong Vikings fan Craig Robertson wrote in a recent open letter to his fellow Minnesota brethren. “From the moment we got on the subway to go to the game until the time we made it back to our hotel room afterward, we were subjected to constant verbal and physical assault. We were called names I can’t repeat. We were shoved, had objects thrown at us and were warned that if the Vikings won, we would be lucky to make it out alive.”