XO Music Festival is just one week away and yet so many questions about the Antioch, California festival persist.

“I have no idea if this festival is actually going to happen,” said Bob Rosenberg with the band Will to Power, which is scheduled to play the first day of the festival but said he hasn’t been sent a contract or paid a deposit.


“If get paid and I get a contract, then I’ll be on stage a week from now,” he tells Amplify. “I’m not going to say it’s absolutely positively not going to happen, but I haven’t heard anything or seen anything that makes me think this thing is real.”

Headliner Magic! also pulled out of the festival, but the band’s management tells Amplify the group decided to focus on their new album and avoid the controversial festival, although the band didn’t experience any problems or issues with the festival’s booking team.

So what is the deal with XO Fest. According to our own reporting, we’ve learned that the event’s two organizers were recently arrested for fraud, that the venue manager who operates the Antioch fairgrounds where the event is scheduled to take place tried to cover up the men’s identity, that the event got into a trademark fight  with a festival of the same name in Oregon and was caught lying about a sponsorship agreement with Bay Area Rapid Transit.

And yet XO Fest persists.

The festival has a new app (it’s not very impressive) and just released a strange, yet convincing-looking video from a red carpet event that looks real enough to make us think there is at least some truth to whatever XO Fest is trying to sell fans. Last time we checked, an agent for a number of acts on the bill said everything was fine and that deposits were being paid and things were copacetic.

Still, something just doesn’t feel right about the festival’s generic videos, over the top promises, and highly censored Facebook page, where any comment questioning the authenticity of the festival is not answered, but instead immediately deleted.

So what’s real and what’s fake? We’re one week away from finding out.