What is Amplify?

Amplify is a digital media company covering the Live Entertainment, Concert and Touring industry. We have 10,000 daily readers that represent the most powerful and influential promoters, agents, managers and venues in the world. Amplify also has 550+ paid members who contribute $99 per year to read our content and enjoy additional member perks.

What does it mean to become a member of Amplify?

It means that you get unlimited access to every single story we write, and you will receive our newsletter The Real three times per week. You’ll also have access to our Amplify concierge service AND our Amplify members smart phone app. We love our members and send them all kinds of swag — in the past we’ve mailed our members posters, trucker hats, sunglasses, t-shirts and even bullhorns. A membership to Amplify is $99 and most choose to pay online through our paywall provider Tinypass, but we also allow our clients to pay via invoice. You can learn more about becoming an Amplify member by clicking here.

What is The Real?

The Real is a newsletter produced by Amplify that’s emailed out three times per week. Each issue of The Real includes our feature called “The Deal, The Spiel, and The Real” which breaks down a big news story. We also produce special digital issues that usually come out on Thursdays. And when big stories happen, we send out breaking news updates to our members. Amplify members receive every email and issue we mail out, while non-members receive a truncated version of The Real on Fridays that summarizes the week’s news.

Who are Dave and Kristen Brooks?

Dave and Kristen are a married couple who created Amplify in 2014. Dave Brooks runs Amplify full-time as CEO and Executive Editor. Dave is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz and the former managing editor of Venues Today Magazine (2006-2014), and has worked for several newspaper companies including the Los Angeles Times. Kristen is a full-time Nurse Practitioner and works part-time for Amplify Media doing strategic planning, graphic design and office management.

Does Amplify have any employees?

Yes. Amplify employs a copy editor and several freelance writers on a part-time basis. Francine Armstrong handles all of Amplify’s accounting and is based in Riverside, Calif. Frankie Victoria is Amplify’s online/interactive editor and works in our Long Beach Bureau.

Does Amplify have an office?

Yes, the Amplify Media Long Beach Bureau is located at 3728 Atlantic Ave #100, Long Beach, CA, 90807. Our office is in the back of the Berkshire Hathaway offices in the city’s Bixby Knolls neighborhood.

How does Amplify make money?

Amplify is a member-funded organization and its primary source of revenue is memberships it sells to access our content. Amplify also generates money through selling advertisements. Learn more about advertising with Amplify by clicking here.

Does Amplify have any print offerings?

At this time, no. Amplify is a digital-only company.

How do I get some free Amplify merch?

Send your mailing address to [email protected] and write “I want Amplify merch” in the headline and we’ll send you something.