It’s May 4th, aka “May the Fourth Be With You” day — a fake holiday that precedes the slightly less questionable Cinco de Mayo, which very few people realize celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla and has nothing to do with Mexican Independence. I’ll save you the tangent, but just know that both Dia de Los Muertos (Nov. 1) and the annual reenactment of the Gritto (Cry) of Dolores which precedes the real Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16) are far more culturally relevant to our friends south of the border than a so-called “holiday” in May cynically co-opted by El Torito to sell 2-for-1 margaritas.

But I digress.


In honor of May 4th, the New York Yankees are giving out an Aaron Judge Jedi bobblehead for their Star Wars Night game against the Cleveland Indians. New Yorkers, today is your chance to head to the Bronx, grab your worthless collectors item and ask yourself “is anything actually real?”

Happy Star Wars Day folks.