Eventbrite has just released a brand new Android app for event organizers. Eventbrite Organizer will replace Entry Manager and provide new and improved features for all mobile devices. Organizer was previously only available for iOS, but launched on Monday for Androids and include a few new features not yet available for iPhone. The app is essentially a mobile box office that allows organizers to get up to date information on ticketing and allows every employee’s phone or tablet scan or sell tickets for simpler guest admission.


Eventbrite Organizer gives event staff the ability to track their sales and sell tickets from anywhere, so sales teams and promoters can evaluate how their event is doing at all times. 

“I’m on the Eventbrite Organizer app every day. It can break down sales by hour, day, week, or month so I know exactly what’s going on at all times with our sales. If we send an email blast out, I can see the immediate reaction on the app,” said Dede Flemming, Founder of Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival in a statement.

Multiple people can scan tickets from separate locations directly from their mobile phones or tablets for simple entry. All data in the application is stored on Eventbrite’s servers and updated in real time for seamless communication between staff. 

With the app, staff can track live attendance and quickly solve customer requests by looking up orders and reissuing, canceling, or refunding orders on the spot.

The Android app also includes new features that were designed based on customer feedback. Exclusively on Android, users can edit ticket types, event titles and descriptions on-the-go. They will also be able to adjust lighting of the app through the day or night feature for optimal use at nighttime.

Eventbrite Organizer is free on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.