On the one year anniversary of the false alert stating that Hawaiians were about to be hit with a nuclear missile on Jan. 13, 2018, Hawaiian artist Makana who was one of the millions of recipients of that message will release a song to acknowledge the incident. Led by a Russian soldier, Makana was the first American to descend into the recently declassified Russian nuclear bomb shelter Bunker 703 deep underground in Moscow. Makana was inspired to improvise a song on the spot. In one take, Makana created the haunting ballad, “Mourning Armageddon,” both a song of mourning and a call to action. “We’re in bed with annihilation,” Makana said. “Waking to an alert of a nuclear attack in Hawai’i got me thinking. Why is this even a possibility?” Makana transfers that sentiment into the haunting song that can be heard here.