The Blue Jays are taking a not-so-subtle swipe at Trump’s trade war plans with their new sandwich that combines items from North America’s three nations. Fans at Roger Centre can enjoy this salute to free trade that combines pulled pork (soooo USA) with Canada’s finest maple syrup, waffles and cheese curds and then a little mole toping to give it that south of the border flair. The dish comes with maple baked beans, which clearly is a mashup of the three most powerful nations in the Western Hemisphere.

Also pictured below is the new Wowfulls Waffle Cone Ice Cream at Citi Field in New York which combines Hong Kong-style egg waffles served as a cone with ice cream and toppings, and for vegans, Pittsburgh’s PNC Park is offering Un-Tuna Salad Sandwiches made of Chickpea salad with celery, pickle relish, onions and sweet mayo dressing, served on wheat bread with spinach.