TicketIQ is out to prove they are the smartest way to search for tickets. The ticketing company provides a huge inventory of primary and secondary tickets for consumers with an interactive app that learns your preferences as you swipe.

“You don’t have to go to three sites to figure out if it’s the best deal,” said TicketIQ Founder and CEO Jesse Lawrence. “We think we have 90-95% market coverage on the secondary side.”


The company, which has been in business for seven years, is continuing to work with rights holders, secondary ticketers, and the big guys like Ticketmaster to create the most comprehensive place for consumers to search for the ticket that best fits their needs.

“There is so much content out there that the rights holders are starting to create,” Lawrence told Amplify. “The big question is how do they get it in front of people in an efficient way.”

For example, last season TicketIQ took tickets from Barclays Center 40/40 Club and broke up the typically season holder tickets into single game tickets and sold all of those. Consumers who have shown an interest in teams or artists will receive exclusive opportunities to purchase VIP tickets like the 40/40 Club that aren’t available on other sites.

ticketiqThe TicketIQ app is designed with cards that consumers can swipe left to hide or right to save for later. You can go back at any time to review events or artists you were interested in.

“If you swipe right on an event, you’ll start to get updates on that event,” Lawrence explained. “There’s a data chart and it shows you the trends for that event. You can track pricing and we’re about to update those charts so that you can see quantity as well. You can get a snapshot of the market and decide if you want to buy or if you want to wait.”

The app also includes an on-sale tracker. For artists you have swiped right on, the app will inform you when tickets go on sale a day or an hour beforehand.

In addition to the app making ticketing smarter, it can also make it cheaper for repeat users.

“You get IQ points for doing stuff in the app,” Lawrence said. “So you can get 750 IQ points for downloading the app, you get 250 points for ‘hearting’ performers and for inviting friends and those points get you a discount. You can earn up to 10% off.”

Consumers can get up to 4% off without buying anything and then every purchase you make on the app will earn you a higher percentage off future tickets. The more you buy, the more you save up to 10%. It automatically shows you the pull price of the ticket alongside the reduced price depending on the percentage off that your IQ points have earned you.

TicketIQ has made these features only available for the app as an incentive to push people towards mobile, which already dominates a lot of the secondary market. You can get the TicketIQ app in both the App Store and at Google Play.