Ever been sitting at a concert and say to yourself “you know what would hit the spot right now, some kangaroo meat?” Then you’re in luck because the Atlanta Hawks’ Executive Chef Joe Schafer is debuting three unique “big game” menu items for the March 8 Blake Shelton concert: smoked deer brisket, braised elk osso bucco and roasted kangaroo loin. Keep in mind this is the same former Bacchanalia chef who brought the world cricket tacos, as part of his self-described style of “rustic Southern, refined with European techniques.” Hungry for a coffee-BBQ smoked red cervena deer brisket sandwich wrapped in camouflage paper (pictured below)? You won’t need a doe bleat to call in a 15-point buck…just have 13 smackers in your wallet and a handful of napkins to feast on this fine hoofed hamburger-alternative.