Whatever way you are being thanked for your years of service at your work place is all wrong…unless you work for Ticketfly. For employees, or Flyers as they like to call themselves, their five-year anniversary at the company means one very important thing, they get immortalized on the wall in black velvet.


It is a tradition that began in 2013 when Ticketfly founders Andrew Dreskin and Dan Teree were thinking of ways to commemorate the business’ five year anniversary. When someone mentioned always wanting a black velvet portrait the idea took off. Now employees excitedly turn in photos for their portraits months in advance. Some choose to be portrayed like famous icons like David Bowie or Dave Chapelle which can be seen below.

Ticketfly holds unveiling ceremonies for each new portrait and will have 14 new additions by the end of this year, making the total 32 and requiring the company to designate a second wall for the incredible framings. “The velvet paintings are quirky, just like us,” said Ticketfly’s VP of People Lori Medeiros. “They’re a perfect reflection of our high confidence/low ego philosophy and the fact that we try not to take ourselves too seriously.”

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