It’s official, there are no more good ideas left. Audrey Fix Schaefer from 9:30 Club and I.M.P. found this gem on a street sign in DC and posted it to Facebook wondering “I guess the world officially ran out of band names?” We googled the name on the sticker and didn’t find anything besides some weird Instagram posts we definitely don’t suggest searching for on your own. Perhaps that is the social commentary happening in this picture — some type of reminder that the world is just a disparate network of things in which we assign meaning, but in actuality, none of it actually means anything. Perhaps the only thing that binds any of us is crotch-rot fishglue. We think we’re coming apart — but really, we’re coming together. Hmmm? Pretty heavy stuff. So thanks to whoever put those 18 letters together (plus a hyphen) and slapped em on the back of a street sign in Washington D.C. And good job trying harder than the person who created the “Dryer Dryer XXX” sticker that was ineffectively crossed out. We see you crotch-rot fishglue sticker person and we salute you.