Amplify is read by the biggest names in live entertainment. Here’s what some of our paid members have to say about why they pay $99 a year to support Amplify…

steinyDave Brooks is more than a music industry reporter, he is a newsman that fights to break the big news first. He always has fresh stories in a timely matter. Plus he is a blast to hang with at shows and industry conferences.

Dan Steinberg, Co-founder of Emporium Presents

messinaI love my daily Amplify! In five minutes I get caught up in real time with what’s going on in the business, it’s a better version of USA Today but it’s about the music business! Dave writes like I talk — straight from the hip and that’s why I love it so much.

Louis Messina, Founder of The Messina Group

dawn hollidayI read Amplify because it includes everyone. It is the people’s blog. I get information about people, places and things in Amplify that I would have to look at multiple sources to find. And I don’t feel like I need to learn how to golf to play on Amplify’s field.

Dawn Holliday, Slims San Francisco & Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

senior-andrewDave is one of the most perceptive journalists covering the live events industry, and Amplify has a great ability to cover stories that people actually give a shit about. When it hits my inbox I know there will be something in it I want to read. The only downside is it’s so good it distracts me from my daily tasks at hand!

Andrew Dreskin, CEO and Founder of Ticketfly

charlieWhat’s my reaction when I see The Real arrive in my inbox? I immediately hang up with whoever I’m on the phone with. I don’t even waste time with a “bye.” Dave’s always got the scoop on things before anyone else. And he makes me laugh.

Charlie Goldstone, President of Frank Productions

way_sheena-200Our jobs demand we are in the know and completely up to date about other facilities, touring artists, legal news and most importantly we need to know what is hip and stylish and NEW! Amplify is NOW, it’s HOT, it’s RELEVANT….and it’s well written….and sometimes has pics of dogs!

Sheena Way, Assistant GM, Live Entertainment at Oilers Entertainment Group

B9317957456Z.1_20150707183148_000_G51B8K579.1-0Dave’s articles are to the point and relevant and on a busy day I can get up to speed in a short period. Even if I can’t read it then I know I want to when I get a free moment. It is even more important than Pokémon Go.

Kevin Lyman, Founder of Van’s Warped Tour

1602040601357384195_v2Why do I have a paid subscription? My conscience bothered me reading The Real for so long for free. I noticed that I read Amplify every morning because it is extremely current and covers so much of our world.

Dan Weiner, Talent Agent at Paradigm

06-15-16_Abate-ScanlonI read Amplify because I can get up to the minute info on what’s happening in the entertainment industry. Dave’s unique email alerts keep me informed. If it looks like breaking news I open it right away!

Hank Abate, Executive VP of Venue Management for Madison Square Garden

hqdefaultAmplify covers a wide range of topics that I don’t see discussed anywhere else. It’s a more personal approach to the live music world and covers a wide variety of occupations. I also really enjoy Dave’s personable writing style — every time it arrives in my inbox, I read it right away.

Larry Vallon, Vice President, National Booking at AEG Live

265058Dave is a true music fan and music industry nerd and I mean that in the best way possible. He is intellectually curious about the issues facing the business, takes the time to find the stories that others don’t tell and does it all with a good dose of humor.

Carrie Davis, ‎Chief Communications Officer at Live Nation

lee_zeidman_1The story that has recently stood out was Amplify’s take on the most overrated, over used, tired and out dated conference panels.  Someone smarter than both Dave and myself needs to reinvent conference panel structures as it seems we see the same ones, just repackaged, at every conference we go to. Unfortunately, as of today, I do not have a solution, but on my next trip to Bora Bora I promise to make this a priority as I sit, sun and drink in paradise and report back to Dave my findings.

Lee Zeidman, President of Staples Center & L.A. Live

unnamedI’m always happy to see Dave’s name pop up in my inbox – It means that my daily dose of the Real has arrived! I love the “say it how it is” approach to Amplify. To me it is Informative, pertinent and yet also an entertaining and unique look at live entertainment. Keep up the good work ‘cause I’m going to keep reading.

Éric Valley, Director of Ticket Sales for Cirque du Soleil

unnamed-1I read Amplify because the information is relevant to my business and is delivered in real time. It starts the conversation and keeps me informed on things that I may not otherwise hear about in the “traditional” industry rags. It’s a quick read about relevant and interesting topics and people.

Chris Baldizan Sr. Vice President – Entertainment Booking & Development

0c0a996Dave Brooks is a refreshing voice in today’s music industry. He knows the players, knows the drill, and most importantly tells it the way it is. There’s no pretense and no BS.

Dan Markham, Director of Arena Booking and Infinite Energy Center

30d76a6I’d be pleased to provide the following one-liner: ‘Amplify: It’s the Dog’s Bollocks!’ It’s honestly meant to be a compliment (i.e. UK slang for the best.) As to why I read Amplify, it’s to better understand the business of live entertainment, and for an unvarnished warts n’all update on the US marketplace, personalities and sometimes dubious practises.

Tim Chambers, CCO for Make it Social and U.K. Ticketing Consultant

ethan-levinsonI always look forward to receiving the Amplify newsletters. I always know it will be interesting and likely something I haven’t heard about yet. Keep it up Dave, you’re on fire!

Ethan Levinson, Senior Talent Buyer for AEG Live

1925a5fAbout a year ago Dave wrote an article about how many concert industry professionals were suffering from depression and lack of sleep. The story hit home for me. I was so stressed out and felt terrible all the time. As my blood pressure zoomed to an alarming 238 over 192 (a new record at our hospital, thank you very much),  I was that ticking time bomb in your article. So thank you Dave. You probably saved my life with the timeliness of that article. I have learned not to internalize about ticket sales, I sleep much better, and have recovered health-wise. Pretty heavy stuff.

Bernie Punt, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Bryce Jordan Center at ‎Penn State University

darin-lashinsky-hs-1-e1466791915502Amplify provides me with current industry news in a timely and concise manner. I look forward to The Real and take the time to read it every day when it hits my email inbox.

Darin Lashinsky, CEO for National Shows 2

3c204a6I really enjoy Dave’s choice of subjects, you never know what you’re going to find when you open his e-mails. Dave comes at industry news from a fresh perspective and digs into subjects I don’t find elsewhere.

Lynn Carlotto, General Manager for the Rogers K-Rock Centre

evanEvery industry needs its story told from various sources. Dave carved a niche for himself in live music, giving us the skinny in a timely manner with personality and a fair approach. We know Dave, and he knows us— the way it should be.

Evan Harrison, CEO of Huka Entertainment

9760350.0The Real has become part of my morning routine, I start every day with a smoothie and the latest news from Amplify.

Rob Thomas, VP of Pac Northwest for AEG Live

AllanVella_092414It’s a quick and timely read. It allows me to keep up with what is going on in the industry and react to it. I like to stay abreast of venue and ticketing news because things happen fast in our business and it is great to get the news as it is happening.

Allan Vella, President & CEO of the Fox Theatre in Atlanta

conwaytonyI read Amplify because the articles are about my world. I read a tremendous amount of industry publications, but I find the stories in Amplify to be special and focused and normally hot off the press. I like the way Dave writes and the professionalism that he has regarding the industry. I have been an agent and manager for 40 years and was always looking for some type of daily news blog on the concert side, so when I discovered Amplify it hit home.

Tony Conway, President and CEO of Conway Entertainment Group

2359_content_larry2To me, knowing the history and observation of your business and using it to project the future is good leadership. These are qualities that Dave Brooks processes. I look forward to reading what he says each day.

Larry Magid, Founder of Electric Factory


Dave and the Amplify team get what we as entertainment professionals do, and unlike most news organizations, Dave knows what it is like out here in the trenches. As a result, Dave is able to report on and curate great stories that matter to us as an industry. I always look forward to reading The Real in between gigs and while hopping around the country. Dave, thanks for all you and your team do.

R.J. Romeo, General Counsel and Agent at Romeo Entertainment Group

Jolson-Selfie-2I think the best thing about Amplify is that it typically puts out the information first before the other industry publications. The Real helps in that it will send out breaking news items, delivered to my inbox with information that I don’t have to go to a website to find. I read Amplify because the information is very current and it’s very pertinent to the arena industry. It covers a wide range of topics that affect the arena industry and helps me stay up to date on the issues the industry faces and the changes that are occurring.    

Jeff Olsen, Director of Event Booking at Memphis Grizzlies

tomheadshotI read Amplify because it keeps me informed on all facets of the business. Dave does a great job of summarizing his articles in the email – if I am interested in more, I can click through and read the full story. Even though I only occasionally know the folks in the “Five Shows With…” feature I always read those pieces. I also like that Dave does a good job of expressing his own opinions and doesn’t appear to be intimidated about calling bullshit when something seems sketchy. He’s also sometimes funny too. Well… maybe it’s more like once-in-a-while he’s funny…. hmm, funny-ish.

Tom Ewald, VP of Sales & Client Relations for Ticketfly

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAk0AAAAJGQ3ZmVlOWY3LWVhZmQtNGM2NC1hNWFmLWRiNDJjNjIzZmUxNgDave calls it like you he sees it, and more importantly has fun with how he reports on the constant changes and challenges that our industry encounters daily. Often times in any industry, reporting of any news can be stale and bland, but he appreciates the comedy in how ridiculous things can get. If you can’t laugh or smile or enjoy some of the ridiculousness then you’re probably working in the wrong industry. Keep up the good work brotha!

Tyler Bates, Communion Music

Kirsner, SteveThe style of writing is unique. Dave sometimes says what we are all thinking but won’t say out loud. Dave actually gets out of the office and writes about experiences, he goes to festivals, the courthouse, and people’s offices to get the story.

Steve Kirsner, Director of Booking & Events at SAP Center at San Jose

13620277_10208342725700038_2963992514181194193_nI get the most current industry information from Amplify. What is happening NOW, not information about an artist, venue or conference that is old news or “warm & fluffy.” Simply stated, it’s the most current and relevant and I can read it anytime! And I don’t have to provide a password every ^*#& time I click to read!!!

Pam Deville, Assistant Director for the Cajundome

BillPowellsmI read Amplify because it offers a unique perspective on the live event industry. With Amplify you get an equal dose of the good, bad and ugly around every story. Amplify’s recent article on “The Five Most Played Out Panel Topics” was classic Dave Brooks sticking it to the industry and offering an insider perspective with an outsider attitude. It speaks to the truth of the many conferences we all have attended where the same 30 “supposed insiders” are trotted up to bloviate about their self-imposed greatness only to leave the listener with a sense of emptiness. To paraphrase an old Wendy’s hamburger commercial: Dave asks “Where’s the beef?”

Bill Powell, Vice President Event Marketing and Sales for Feld

20735_262514289304_5708453_nDave is a clever writer – he doesn’t add extra words just for the sake of spouting off – he brings a conversational tone with just enough edge to be “real” and is great at expressing what other people are thinking/saying. It’s refreshing. Amplify makes me feel  like I’ll be better connected with my peers and our industry.

Leslie Lane, VP of  Columbus Arena and Sports Entertainment

t3PV9mzBAmplify is a fresh take on the topics and news that drive the industry. It gives me and my team an advantage when working with promoters, agents, and partners. Amplify delivers on that promise every time.

Juan Rodriguez, GM of the Golden 1 Center

19d7943Amplify takes industry news and tailors it for the more savvy audience it services. In depth interviews with leaders like Bob Roux provide readers with insights that are uniquely valuable relative to the surface level coverage mainstream media gives the live entertainment ticketing space.

Patrick Ryan, Co-Founder of Eventellect

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAReAAAAJDY0YzFmZTYwLTk4Y2MtNDgzNi05ZmEzLTliNTNlM2U1YjRlYg-1Amplify reads like a big group of friends having a discussion rather than your usual trade magazine. I always take a breather to read Amplify and see what is up in the music and venue industry. 

Anastasia Johnson, ‎Director of Booking, Business Development & Marketing Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

larryfredfrankpg_pgAmplify entertains and amuses me in a great way. It makes me stop, and put down what I’m working on and escape the daily grind for a few minutes.

Fred Frank, CEO of Frank Productions

Journalistic integrity mixes perfectly with severe passion for the industry. Dave and his staff are not afraid to tell things like they are. For example, no other publication is going to report on “topics way too overdone at conferences.”

Barrett Newman, Freelance Ticketing Professional

aaeaaqaaaaaaaazjaaaajdzkmzjlotgxlwyznwetndvmos05mjuxlwjhzte2m2yxowjloqThere are simply not enough reporters covering (and uncovering) “The Real” stories in our industry today. Thank you Dave, for putting timely and insightful commentary in my inbox each morning. With every edition, I’m either inspired, fascinated, or laughing out loud — either way it’s always a bright spot in my day. We’re so lucky to have an insider in our industry who keeps us informed and entertained, and brings his A-game to every story (and party!)

– Kristina Wallender, VP of Marketing, Ticketfly

mikkelson-02-jpgI read Amplify for the simple reason that Dave Brooks and his editorial team seek out and report on timely industry news. With a sense for both the important and the quirky, Amplify is a terrific update on what is and what will impact our business. Amplify is serious business, but it does not take itself too seriously. It is a compelling mix of objective reporting, and subjective editorials, that gives insight into the industry that no other publication offers.

Glen Mikkelsen, Manager of the CN Centre

aaeaaqaaaaaaaawoaaaajdnhyja0nzhkltu5nwutngy1zc1imdgxlwe1zwe3yte1oguxnqBecause I receive so many emails each day I only have a little time to read the whole email. With Amplify I make the time to read it immediately or save it for later when I can do so. I almost always find something to forward to our team for their information.

Allen Johnson, Executive Director of Orlando Venues

jack-lucas_130x195Regardless of where I am in the world, I still make a point to read The Real, to make sure that I keep up on all the news that is the news.

Jack Lucas, President of TicketsWest and WestCoast Entertainment

I don’t really read any other publications since Amplify gives me everything I need to know without all the “fluff” and advertising — it’s really refreshing! It’s one of the few emails I receive that I open and read immediately. I appreciate finding out about agents moving to different companies. I usually find out from Amplify before I find out from the agent!

Tris Y Harris, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Ho-Chuck Nation

3882118I really enjoyed “The Big Interview: Louis Messina Talks Taylor, Texas and Life on the Road.” The questions were great and his answers were awesome. Now I know to make sure I have Jack Daniels on hand next time he is in the house! Honesty, I look at it almost every time it hits my inbox. Whether I’m at the airport, hotel or my home. I brief it and often reread what I want to when I’ve got some free time from the kids.

Donnie L. Frizzell, Jr., Manager with Modern Music Services

1310290143333663732_v2What’s my reaction when I see The Real in my inbox? Sheer ecstasy.

Jeff Apregan, President, Apregan Entertainment Group & Venue Coalition

w8yz9tl8Amplify provides regular coverage on the live music business that is insightful and adventurous. Dave Brooks is not afraid to have a strong point of view, which makes his columns incredibly readable and impactful. I’m a big believer in Amplify.

John Vlautin, CEO, SpinLab Communications

2ff0fdcI read Amplify because it has short breaking news articles that are relevant. If I have the extra time, I can click on the article and read the entire portion. Getting it electronically really means the stories are breaking news. Keeping up with the business in real time is important to me.

Steve Miller, General Manager at Seagate Convention Centre/Huntington Center

urlI like Amplify’s personal approach and holistic coverage of the industry. Amplify digs into all aspects, including my turf-ticketing. Dave stirs the pot in The Real with his enthusiastic and opinionated views.

John Harig, Director of Ticketing Services for the Cincinnati Arts Association

aaeaaqaaaaaaaai7aaaajdixyzc1ntcxltflm2mtndljys1inzk4lwizywuzmdq3nzzkyqAmplify has become my daily fix. Relative or not, Dave delivers that daily feed of industry news in just the perfect amount, and in the proper tone. And likewise, on days he takes off, I find myself with that Amplify jones. Keep up the good work, Dave!

Todd Dyer, Senior Director of Venues, Music Tours & Festivals at CAPS Payroll

rhamstineI was really fascinated by the whole LA Coliseum story. As a facility manager I think stories like that are important, even if it casts us in a bad light. We learn from our mistakes and certainly from the mistakes that others make. The vast majority of people managing facilities across the country and the world do so with skill and integrity. We probably need to report on them more.

John Rhamstine, Director of SevenVenues

23perkinsAmplify is one of those emails that you read right away, you just know that it’s going to have something interesting inside, whether it is hot breaking news of the day, industry trends or some fun moments in life that will perk up your day. It’s quick, easy read format is a joy! Amplify your day!

Larry Perkins, Vice President of Guest Relations / Assistant GM of PNC Arena

edie-and-sheryl-1440x648The Real has relevant and timely industry information and I know everyone else in the industry is reading it. It is more in-depth. In other words, it goes deeper into industry relevant stories with a nod to the personal as well as the business side.

Edie Burke, Facility Manager at KeyArena at Seattle Center

hqvpo_-uReading Amplify is like reading my very own industry’s version of US Weekly. I can find out who and what is trending hot, who’s left whom, the hippest venues in town, which A-listers are wearing the hottest threads (like Adam Cook running #AMPSWAG) and so much more!  I look forward to my daily dose of Amplify. It’s clear, it’s quick, it’s relevant and quite entertaining to boot.

Sue Quinlan,Booking Director, North America Routing & Tours at Feld Entertainment

009f59bAmplify covers the live touring industry better than any daily news source. Amplify has access to industry leaders and is the place to hear breaking news in the concert business. Amplify provides in-depth coverage on stories relevant to the live touring/sports industry. Amplify’s coverage includes significant background information giving the reader the context needed to understand the issues involved.

Barry Geisler, General Manager at EagleBank Arena

1b18eacThere a several great sources for news about the touring industry, but I rely on Dave & Company for insightful “I don’t care if you are rich, powerful and will never give me backstage passes again” commentary.

Bruce Houghton, President of Skyline Music

img_6131You can always count on Dave Brooks to have the real inside skinny on the biggest stories happening in our industry.

Steve Peters, President of VenuWorks


michael-rathfon-headshot-artjpeg-c01625a7bac8c52dEach email is filled with 2-3 articles that I end up clicking on, so it’s hard to recall all of them, but recently, “The Five Most Played Out Panel Topics” struck a chord as it basically shares my disdain for the same overused session ideas. ‘Ticketing CEOs Talking to Each Other’ is basically a panel I always attend, but at this point I should definitely know better as they never share any real insight. The only saving grace is watching the uncomfortable “camaraderie” unfold. 

Michael Rathfon, American Music Theatre, Director of Sales & Marketing

todd-mastry-211x246Many folks start their morning with a cup of coffee. Not me. I start with The Big Lead as it gets me caught up on sports and to some degree social media right away…it’s my guilty pleasure. As for Amplify, it’s my guilty pleasure with no guilt. Great information about our industry that you can trust coming right to your inbox. I would describe Amplify as a great mix of hard journalistic facts and stories, mixed with something personal from Dave and there’s always a story to get a laugh.

J. Todd Mastry, Executive Director for Landers Center

cq1113uvuaahiq0I thought The Real was the fishing magazine! But really, it has a great behind-the-scenes perspective and they’re not just telling you about who got the new job.

Billy Brill, Independent Talent Buyer

ik3t0176I really enjoy the timeliness of the articles and enjoy following the different people and topics in our industry. Dave is able to provide a personal touch to most stories. Love the focus and attention on the personalities that make up our industry.

Steve Stallworth, General Manager, South Point Arena & Equestrian Center

photoI do like how Amplify looks into breaking industry news and goes beyond just a headline and also delivers news that I might not have thought of.

JT Tepolt, Director of Entertainment for Bill Young Presents

jimsalament-1152x759Amplify gives me some great insight into the industry that other publications don’t provide. I love getting the Amplify emails as it’s genuinely an informative way of staying up on our business. Plus it’s a quick read and it’s fun. The frequency of emails and industry “breaking news” is a huge bonus. I enjoy Amplify’s “tell it like it is” approach. I am genuinely pleased to see The Real arrive. I typically open it and read it ASAP once it arrives. It’s the only publication that I read the minute I see it in my inbox.

Jim Salamenta, SMG/GM at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi

I’ll say this about Amplify, there is nothing like it in the marketplace. It’s fearless and irreverent, just like the internet. It also covers material in a way no one else covers it and says things the way no one else says them. Finally, it’s prolific. There is a lot of stuff that comes out every single day.

Bill Dorsey, Chairman of the Association of Luxury Suite Directors