Crowned by Agent vs. Promoter as the “Queen of Nashville,” Lenore Kinder isn’t your average Talent Buyer. A high school madrigal singer and a self-proclaimed ham, Lenore’s passion for the music business and an iron-clad persistence led her to her current job as Talent Buyer at AEG Live in Nashville.

Before moving to Nashville, Lenore ran the Blue Cats Club in Knoxville for five years. When she first got to Nashville in 2007, she was still working for Blue Cats. However, she decided to “cut the umbilical cord” and dive fully into the music scene in Nashville. The move from Knoxville to Nashville was sudden and unplanned. After getting the news that one of her best friends, Brian Penix of NS2, was moving to Nashville, it seemed like the right time to follow.


“It just felt really natural to move to a town where someone whom I loved, adored, trusted, so that I would already have a little bit of a network built up,” Lenore said. “All signs led to, ‘Get your ass out of Knoxville.'”

Lenore did everything from stage managing to rolling sushi at PM. She also acted as tour manager for Be Your Own Pet, working alongside Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. All the while, she was trying to break into music.

“What bugged my current boss, Ali Harnell, is I basically stopped by her office every couple of weeks just to bring her coffee and remind her that I was still looking for a job,” said Lenore. “In the meantime, she’d have me come in and do some temp marketing work.” 

When Harnell’s director of marketing quit, she knew who to call. Lenore has now been at AEG for nine years and told us that 2016 is going to be an exciting year for her.

“Basically, all of my favorite acts that I work with (with the exception of Imagine Dragons) are touring this year. I’m really excited to have Mumford & Sons coming back to the Southeast. I’m absolutely thrilled that Adele is finally returning to Nashville, since 2009. Amos Lee will be touring again, the Lumineers are touring again, Alabama Shakes are touring again,” she said.

You could say that making deals with these artists and their agents is Lenore’s dream job. Don’t believe us? We’ve got a picture to prove it. 

lenore kinder

“This came from a Dropbox from my aunt and my friend Farrah Usmani,” said Lenore. “We were making a joke about the picture, how I looked like a business lady because I’ve got shoulder pads and stuff. Even at a young middle school age, I was primed and ready to be a business lady with my shoulder pad blazer and gold ring. I was ready to cut a deal.”  

While a true professional, Lenore loves to watch music as a fan. Read on for her five favorite shows.

Radiohead at Stone Mountain in Atlanta, 2001

The moment I saw this band, it immediately set the bar as high as possible for a live experience. I remember being so present at the time as if I was inside of each song. That show marked them as my favorite touring act as of present times.

Sigur Ros at the Ryman in Nashville, 2006

I hadn’t moved to Nashville yet, so my GF and I took a road trip to the big city. It was one of the most moving shows I’ve ever experienced – sat on the 7th row and cried the entire show. First show at the Ryman to boot. FUCKING MAGIC.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at Bonnaroo in Manchester, 2013

Someone forgot to take my main stage passes off (thank you Heather Ryan!). Watched the entire show from the top deck with a bunch of my gals doing cartwheels, drinking beer and singing every damn song. Having 50k+ people singing at you is a powerful thing. Not to mention Tom Fucking Petty is playing.

Mumford & Sons at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, 2013

No secret that I am a mega fan and adore these chaps. It was magic from beginning to end and our team absolutely knocked it out of the park. The afterparty got picked up on TMZ, so we must have been doing something right!

Elton John at Bonnaroo in Manchester, 2014

Second time I had seen Sir Elton. It was my epic summer of Wolfica and my crew had been going hard all weekend. It was the perfect end to an amazing weekend of debauchery on the farm!