Melissa Kucirek began her promoting career in the mean streets of Omaha, where she helped out local bands by making press kits and street teaming. As a child, Melissa’s parents worked at the historic Ak-sar-ben Coliseum, exposing her to the rush of working backstage at live shows. 

“I think I always just knew I was going to be a behind-the-scenes person and be a part of an artist’s team,” she wrote to Amplify. “For the longest time, I knew I was going to work promotion and publicity for Matthew & Gunnar Nelson. Which, I did for just under 6 years!”  


Today, Melissa is the Publicity and Promotions Director of Moxie Publicity in Omaha.  

“I still get a big kick out of confirming an interview for clients and that rush of scoring a promotion or media piece that yields numerous ticket sales,” she wrote. “I love being part of a team too, and I’ve found some amazing teammates with all the folks I’ve worked alongside.”

For the future, Melissa would love to work with late 90s artists, “like Third Eye Blind, or even Hoobastank.”  

“Let’s face it, too, if Duran Duran ever needed another hand, I’d jump at the chance. I just love what I do and want to see every single show sold out.”

Melissa told us about some of her favorite shows (and two of them are, of course, Duran Duran shows). Check them out below!

Duran Duran at TwiRoPa Mills, Nov. 22, 2003

“A friend and I flew from Omaha to New Orleans and waited in line in this dingy part of New Orleans for what seemed liked hours. I remember it feeling like we were waiting in line for a haunted house. We kept winding through large rooms and then a smaller area. We got pretty close to the front row, and when the Fab Five opened with ‘Friends Of Mine,’ it was like a complete ‘awe moment.’”

Coldplay at KS Sandstone Amphitheater, Sept. 21, 2005

“My friend was in Coldplay’s fan club and we were given pit access. I remember waiting forever for them to open the doors… We asked where we could go and one of the ushers was like, ‘Uh, there, you can go anywhere right in front of the stage.’ We were in the front row. Right there. And let me tell you, once you’re in the front, you never want to go back! I was able to catch one of the Kodak instant cameras the band threw from the stage. It had photos the band took from the stage, and backstage. Incredible experience.”

Duran Duran at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Sept. 20, 2015

“I had been wanting to go to Red Rocks for years and this was my first chance to see one of my all-time favorite bands. I had no idea the trek to my seat would be as breathtaking (literally) and picturesque as it was. Everything was great about the night – the music, the drinking, the air, the location of our seats (row 12!).”

The Killers at Sokol Auditorium, Aug. 10, 2005

“This was right after ‘Hot Fuss’ started making noise, and they played ‘Mr. Brightside’ on KQKQ about every third song. Sokol is sweaty, aggressive, and dirty, but it was everything it needed to be that night.”

The Beach Boys at Hartman Arena, Dec. 17, 2013

“I grew up in a Beach Boys household and to see them backstage left me starstruck. For me this was a really cool experience to see the Beach Boys inside and not outside with a gazillion people. It was their debut at the arena, and they hadn’t played the area in many, many years. All-around, a great experience working with the Hartman Arena team…. just a fun (sold-out!) show.”