Just a few months ago, Tina Anderson was nowhere near the music business. However, in her 5 months as an agent and manager, Tina is already representing six bands through James Elliott Entertainment and has booked at venues like the RockBar Theater in San Jose, Apcal Winery and The House of Blues in Anaheim.

Before all of this happened, Tina was approached by Marie Wilson in August 2015. Wilson, the front woman of Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac tribute band Stealing Nicks, had asked her to be a founding partner of a new enterprise: Mega Entertainment USA. Tina’s love of live music and connections with local musicians and businesses had not gone unnoticed by Wilson.


“I was surprised and flattered, and told her I was grateful she saw that potential in me,” she said. “I was truly excited and felt that music was ‘reviving’ my creative nature and zest for life.”

Tina dove straight into her music industry education. She attended the Indie Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles and even met Richie Ramone there.

“I knew I needed to get more of a concrete business exposure and fast if I had any hope of achieving such an audacious goal of becoming a talent agent and making my living at it,” she said.

The former screenwriter and marketing whiz is convincing the concert industry that she can do just that. With her passion for live music and general enthusiasm, it’s just the beginning of a promising career.

Naturally, we had to ask Tina about her favorite concert experiences, so check them out below.

REO Speedwagon at Yellowstone County Fair in Billings Montana, 1985

This was my first outdoor concert where I can remember being in the audience, yelling and singing all the songs. I was thrilled to be able to see REO again in 2014 at the Paul Paul Theater in Fresno, and I was able to meet one of the founding members at that year’s Jeff Keith’s (Tesla) Ride for a Reason benefit.

Heart at MetraPark in Billings, MT, 1987

I was a teenager at the time and it was such a thrill to see Ann and Nancy belt out “Barracuda,” “Alone” and so many other songs I love. I still have the grainy picture of them I took from the nosebleed section with the spotlight on them, singing “Alone.”

Josh Groban in Hollywood, 2001

As one of of my part-time jobs, I worked for a catering company called Along Came Mary and one of our gigs was to work a birthday party at a very posh hotel for a very posh person. We had been warned that at a certain time, we would just have to stand against the wall and WAIT when a special guest came on to sing for the birthday girl. Then Josh Groban walked out to sing. Wow. My eyes filled with tears. I loved his voice so much and his song on Ally McBeal. That MADE my night.

Tesla at Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, October 2014

I was so excited to finally see Tesla. I became a big fan after “Love Song” came out. I just love Jeff Keith’s voice and how the band rocks each song! For this show, one of my best friends in the world went with me, Suzi Goldberg, and we had a blast. I posted some video clips on my Facebook – I think I captured how awesome it was when I posted, “I’ve died and gone to Tesla.”

Foo Fighters at Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, October 18, 2015

The show was sold out and ran out of beer and most of the food about an hour after the opening band started playing, but me and the FF fans stayed strong! Dave Grohl and the guys rocked out for our Wounded Warriors and the Jay Leno-emceed event raised more than one MILLION dollars! It was a sea of people all around the stage. I asked person after person to please let me by to the front of the mosh pit because it was my first FF concert and I really wanted to get a picture. I got up there in front for a song and got a great pic of Dave, still in his foot cast, rocking out on the Harley-inspired “throne” set up for the 32nd Love Ride.