Best Coast, Nick Waterhouse, Ty Segall, and other local artists have joined together for a Valentine’s Day Planned Parenthood benefit in Los Angles. Promoted by Panache, the Village of Love concert will celebrate its sixth annual event at the Teragram Ballroom with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood of LA.

“Over time it has become something that people are expecting to happen on Valentine’s Day. There is a really good sense of love and community and warmth around the event,” said Panache owner Michelle Cable. “A lot of people who don’t know how to spend that day think, well I can do this, it’s fun, and we’re collectively doing something for a good cause.”


Village of Love first began six years ago in New York as an elaborate dance party benefit and has expanded to other cities and evolved into a sort of review-like event with local musicians playing a variety of love songs and covers to support a local non-profit. Other artists include Julianna Barwick, Rodrigo Amarante, Mikal Cronin, William Tyler, Shannon Lay, Drugdealer, and Cones.

“We’ve had a lot of artists that have repeated playing each year like Ty Segall. Kevin Morby has performed a number of years in a row,” Cable said. “It is getting a lot of musicians together that are either fans of each other or friends already. The vibe is so positive and the outcome is something that is very tangible.”

A representative from Planned Parenthood told Panache one of these events which raised around $8-9,000 funded free healthcare for all of their facilities in all the boroughs in New York for a day.

“In the LA one last year, between the raffle and the show we raised a little shy of $20,000,” Cable said. “When you can take those numbers and apply them to facts about how you’re helping people, it makes people understand that they are doing a great thing especially in a time where more things like this need to be happening.”

The Los Angeles edition will feature another raffle this year with donations from local businesses. The raffle will be hosted by comedian Neil Hamburger.

The benefit will also include an art sale for the first time with artists donating works or conducting live illustrations.

“I have a friend in New York (Debbie Allen) who worked with us on all the flyers,” Cable said. “I’m flying her out to the LA one and she will do these drawings that she has been calling vagina portraits where she will draw a metaphorical vagina of you through watercolors. For guys, girls, pets, whatever.”

Panache hopes to expand the Valentine’s Day events to other cities across the United States in order to help Planned Parenthoods that are in more dire need of funding.

Tickets for the Los Angeles show can be found here. The New York lineup announcement is expected soon.