Retired convention center manager Carol Wallace will temporarily take over International Association of Venue Managers after several high-profile executive exits including CEO Vicki Hawarden earlier this year.

Shortly after Hawarden left, interim CEO Steve Flamm also left the organization after a brief stint running IAVM. He will be replaced by Wallace as IAVM’s temporary Executive Administrator,” explained IAVM chair Karen Totaro in an email to members.

“Carol recently retired from her role as president and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center and has established her own consulting company,” Totaro wrote. Wallace will mostly focus on preparing for IAVM’s upcoming VenueConnect conference and preparing for the hire of a permanent CEO.

“All other outstanding initiatives will be temporarily placed on hold so that the team can really focus on the above, which are crucial next steps in IAVM’s future per our last board meeting,” Totaro wrote.

Also leaving IAVM is Jason Judy, Director of Marketing/Creative Services, and Jason LaRusso, Development Associate for The IAVM Foundation

All of this is a natural part of the IAVM evolution, and we wish them continued success in their careers.

SearchWide, our executive search firm continues to reach out to potential candidates for our president and CEO position, and we hope to have additional updates for you in April.