An ugly fight between the Tampa Bay Rays and Centerplate is getting uglier now that the MLB baseball team is demanding the personnel files of every employee that ever worked for Centerplate during its 20-year run at the venue.

On Friday, attorneys for Centerplate filed a response to the Ray’s motion to compel the personnel data, claiming the team is seeking to “weaponize the discovery process” with the “centerpiece of these abusive requests” seeking “the personnel file for each and every one of the thousands of Centerplate employees who performed any concessions-related work related at Tropicana Field over the Agreement’s entire 20-year term.”

In December, Tampa Bay Rays filed a sweeping lawsuit against Centerplate, claiming the concessionaire “surreptitiously cut corners,” “concealed performance issues” and “underpaid” the team. It was an acrimonious ending to a 20-year relationship that began with the expansion team’s first season and ended in 2017 when Sports Illustrated called out Tropicana Field for having the worst food safety rating in all of baseball and 105 “critical” health violations in 2017 alone.