In series of tweets, NY senator says cyber bots buy up Barbies and Nintendos to flip on eBay

Bots are shifting from Broadway and concerts to toys and gizmos, says U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In two Sunday tweets, the NY Democrat said the same bots used by scalpers to buy up tickets for Hamilton and Bruce Springsteen is now being used to flip “hot holiday toys.” Here’s what he said:

What is he talking about? Schumer is likely referring to a WFMY news report from Saturday that stated “scalper bots are now buying up all the hot toys online and then reselling them for way more on sites like eBay for way more than retail price.” That report references a Consumer Reports article from October detailing efforts to flip the popular Hatchimal during the 2016 Holiday Season.

Both reports note that buying up toys with bots isn’t illegal and advices consumers to shop early for hot holiday toys, especially for toys by “Barbie and Nintendo.”