Crowdtorch wants out of Ticketfly’s fight with a Bay Area promoter, filing a motion for summary judgement earlier this week in a four-year-old lawsuit over client poaching.

It’s a suit, that, is like, sooooo 2014, with one ticketing company (CrowdTorch) that no longer exists fighting another ticketing brand (Ticketfly) that’s about to be put out to pasture, over a Bay Area promoter company that has been dissolved with an owner that is believed to be hiding out in Israel.

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Sound complicated? It certainly is, and this article from last month explains most of what is happening…basically Parish Entertainment Group, which had several Bay Area venues under management including Oakland’s New Parish, allegedly accepted a $110,000 advance to renew their contract in 2014 with Ticketfly, only to renege months later and go with Crowdtorch, which was eventually purchased by Vendini.

PEG never paid the money back, and Ticketfly sued both PEG and Crowdtorch, alleging contractual interference and other charges. After four years in court, attorneys for Crowdtorch are asking a San Francisco judge to dismiss them as a defendant in the case, saying Parish invited them to bid on their ticketing contract and Crowtorch had no idea they had a deal in place with Ticketfly.

“Crowdtorch became involved only after PEG, on its own volition and without any input from Crowdtorch, decided to end its relationship with Ticketfly and begin inviting bids from competitors,” a motion from attorney Thomas Shakow reads. “PEG’s representation to Crowdtorch that it was accepting offers, and it’s invitation to Crowdtorch to make a bid, preclude any finding that Crowdtorch induced PEG to breach.”

A hearing on the motion to dismiss is scheduled for Jan. 14.