The former home of the NFL’s Detroit Lions is still standing after a botched implosion caught on video. The Silverdome, opened in 1975, was scheduled to be demolished yesterday morning at 8:30 am. The explosion went off as scheduled, but once the smoke cleared the condemned stadium still stood.

According to Pontiac Mayor Deirdre Waterman, the city had been informed by the demolition company that only the kicker charges detonated, so an implosion did not take place.


“Although we’re waiting for a final assessment from the Adamo Group, we have been informed by them that eight shape charges didn’t go off on the main columns,” Waterman said in a statement.

Explosives were placed on each of the steel beams that support the Silverdome’s upper ring for the partial explosion on Sunday. An official at the stadium told WDIV that the blasts were meant to break the beams and bring the ring crashing down.

“We had a lot of difficulty getting people out of here the other night…we don’t know if someone accidentally pulled the wire off. We don’t know, we’re still researching that,” said Adamo Executive Vice President Rick Cuppetilli to WXYZ. Cuppetilli told the Free Press that they were unsure if Friday night trespassers could have been partially to blame.

Cuppertilli explained to the Free Press that about 10 percent of the explosives had failed to detonate because of faulty wiring.

“There’s wires separated somewhere,” Mr. Cuppetilli said yesterday. “We’ve researched it. We haven’t found it yet. We’re going to continue research, but it’s not coming down today.”

After the explosions failed to bring down the Silverdome, officials told WXYZ that they did break the steel beams and “It’s going to collapse — we just don’t know when. We just have to wait and let gravity do its job.”

Around the clock security will be placed at the Silverdome for safety for the time being. A second explosion attempt is reportedly being scheduled. The remainder of the demolition is scheduled to be taken down in sections over the next year.

The Adamo Group was also in charge of the successful demolition of the Georgia Dome last month.

In 2002, the Lions left the Silverdome for Ford Field in Detroit. It was sporadically used in the years following and sold to Triple Investment in 2009 who did not find a long-term user or buyer for the site.