Music attorney Dina LaPolt is calling on executive Greg Maffei to resign from his seat as the Chairman of the Board of Live Nation, saying his position as chairman at SiriusXM Holdings represents a “giant conflict of interest.”

Maffei is the president and chief executive for Liberty Media, which owns a controlling stake in SiriusXM and a minority stake in Live Nation. It’s his company’s ownership stake in Live Nation that led him to be named  chairman of the board in 2013.

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In a Sept. 14 piece in Variety, LaPolt says that SiriusXM’s opposition to the Music Modernization Act, which faces a crucial Senate vote later today makes him incapable of “producing, marketing and selling live concerts for artists.”

The MMA has broad support from songwriters, artist groups and license holders, but has faced opposition from SiriusXM because the law includes “a provision which would require SiriusXM to actually pay royalties to legacy artists whose recordings were made prior to 1972,” LaPolt writes.

“As Chairman of the Board of Live Nation, Greg Maffei is supposed to be one of our champions, helping us look out for artists, but his actions are really egregious,” said LaPolt, later adding “Mr. Maffei is supporting his business interests as Chairman of the Board of SiriusXM to the detriment of the artists he is supposed to protect as Chairman of the Board of Live Nation.”

Amplify reached out to Live Nation, and a company rep told us they were not commenting on the article.