In a Tampa Federal courtroom today, Judge Mary S. Scriven denied Feld Entertainment’s request for a preliminary injunction against Kid Rock and Live Nation in its ongoing trademark dispute. However, the judge did leave the door open for Feld to refile the injunction with additional information.

Feld filed a lawsuit against Kid Rock and Live Nation in December over Rock’s 2018 “Greatest Show on Earth” tour. Feld Entertainment, which owns Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, also owns the trademark for the phrase “Greatest Show on Earth.”
After Feld filed the suit in Florida court, Kid Rock changed the tour’s name to the “American Rock N Roll” tour. Despite the name change, Feld proceeded to file papers for a preliminary injunction against Kid Rock.
After today’s denial, Feld will have to weigh its legal options and the lawsuit remains ongoing. One issue still lingering is merchandise on the current tour. Kid Rock has a track on his 2017 album Sweet Southern Sugar called “Greatest Show on Earth.” There is still the legal question of whether or not Rock can sell t-shirts with that phrase.