Eventellect’s Patrick Ryan has been an entrepreneur since the age of seven when he first decided to sell baseball cards by the side of the road. He placed a little table on the street to little success except for a single car that stopped by.

“It was a guy in a very nice Corvette listening to very loud music and wearing gold chains,” Ryan explained. “He gave me $20. I don’t remember exactly what he said but he was basically saying ‘I like your hustle.’ Looking back on it, it was a drug dealer or something.”

His grandmother was mortified and tried to chase the driver down the street to no avail.

“It was my first foray into being an entrepreneur. It was a success in a different way,” Ryan told Amplify.

Ryan’s next venture was in selling autographs on eBay. He learned to wait for athletes who had specific training and game schedules at hotels and get them to sign 8×10 photos of themselves.

“My business partner (Ignacio Cubero) and I met collecting autographs. It started off purely as passion and fun, but at some point we needed money and we realized there was a market,” Ryan said.

Ryan said they learned a lot about marketing through their autograph business. They realized that by adding more information on the player, better photos of the item, and more information on how the autograph was obtained plus a a money-back guarantee, they could make their auctions more attractive.

“We made pretty good money,” Ryan said. “I was doing enough revenue that I had to do a tax return at 16 years old.”

When Cubero got into the world of ticketing, Ryan joined him as a business partner.

“He wanted a partner to help him grow and I was able to with some capital and help operationally,” Ryan said. “By the time I partnered up with him, StubHub existed and Ticket Network was really growing. It was just a matter of how you managed your inventory across all those sites. Now the space is quite a bit more complex and we achieved growth via our own proprietary management and pricing tools.”

Now the two work together with their 22 employees at Eventellect to help teams and content right holders more efficiently manage ticket inventory. Amplify caught up with Eventellect’s Co-founder to find out about five of the best shows he has attended.

Jay-Z and Kanye West at Houston Toyota Center in Texas

Dec. 5, 2011

I could list five Jay-Z shows for this as I’ve seen him over 10 times and feel like that is a complete list, but that may be a little boring for readers… This was my all-time favorite concert because my seats were on the aisle next to the cat walk where they performed 75% of the night. I was able to shake both of their hands during the show so that was certainly something I’ll never forget. I actually took this picture on my blackberry. I was that close, hence why it was so memorable.

City and Colour at Coral Skies Music Festival at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida

Oct. 25, 2014

Excluding rappers who dominate my iTunes account, City and Colour is by far my favorite artist. This whole concert experience was weird. I was killing time in between business meetings on Friday in Jacksonville and Monday in Miami and went out of my way to see Dallas Green (City and Colour… get it) perform at this small music festival at an Amphitheatre outside of Tampa. I was completely by myself and maneuvered close to the stage for his performance. It was amazing because the music sounded just like I had hoped it would. This experience taught me that even when all alone, music can help us feel connected.

Drake at Houston Reliant Arena in Texas

Oct. 29, 2010

This was Drake’s first arena sized tour and it was pretty amazing to see how he had progressed from a club sized artist to a big time star. It was great to see him at this time in his career because it was before his audience had diversified to what it is today. I actually didn’t like Drake before this show. I wasn’t a fan until I saw him. I just thought he was soft. I didn’t get the whole Drake thing. He finally started moving away from R&B a little bit and I feel like he became a better rapper. He was a really good rapper at the Reliant Arena concert. The fans were there to see the sex symbol Drake and he brought out a hip-hop show. I loved it. I thought it was great. I’ve seen him like ten times since.

Garth Brooks at the Wynn Las Vegas in Nevada

Feb. 17, 2012

I am not a Garth Brooks fan and I have only listened to his music live and in person and I can therefore say with no bias that he is the best live performer I have ever seen. His energy, charisma, and passion all come through when he plays music and his residency at the Wynn was an amazing opportunity to see him in a unique and memorable setting. Whether you are a fan of country music or not, seeing Garth live should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer at Houston Summit in Texas

Aug. 11, 1990

This was my first ever arena concert. My mom took my sister, one of my best friends and me to the Houston Summit and only a few memories stick out. First, that it was very loud. Second, that Vanilla Ice didn’t sound anything like he did in the music videos. And third, that my 15 year old sister (I was 9) was mortified to be there since she would have preferred to stay in her room listening to The Cure and The Smiths.