Raziel Cano loves his job. When asked about his day to day as Director of Marketing at State Farm, he described counting his blessings every day, doing his own tasks, updating social media, working with interns and providing additional supports for any shows. The absolute best part about his job?

“Turning dreams into reality and narrowing the gap between fan and artist,” he told Amplify. “Creating successful events that make our jobs almost seem like paradise.”


The son of a booking agent, Raziel grew up around concerts and saw how live events could affect fans deeply.

“I remember as a child standing backstage and listening to the band intros as thousands of screaming fans rushed to the front of the stage to witness their favorite artist,” he said. “I do recall being heavily influenced by those moments in my life and the many stories that my father shared with me about how ‘things used to work back then.’”

Raziel eventually became a booking agent at his father’s company and went from there. Before he started at State Farm Arena in 2011, Raziel built campaigns for Circo Hermanos Vazquez, a touring circus based in Texas.

Earlier this year, Raziel was named one of Amplify’s 16 to Watch in 2016, and he is looking forward to working around the “big things” happening in his market.

“We have noticed an exponential growth in ticket sales and obviously in the amount of shows that we receive in our venue,” he said. “Day by day we are expanding our coverage in Mexico and we’ve also noticed a growth in interest in actually crossing over to the US and watching a show live in our Arena.”

Read more about Raziel’s five favorite shows below.

Guns N Roses at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

I attended this concert with my best friend, we traveled all the way from Texas to attend this memorable event. We have been fans since kids and Axl is my childhood hero (lol) Had such an amazing time that I’m sure some tears rolled down our faces. I still refer back to a picture that I captured of Axl, Duff and Slash standing together on stage, to this day I cannot believe I was able to witness their return… Ironically, we were celebrating my friend’s divorce.

Rush at Toyota Center, Houston TX

My friend Itzell Martinez Director of Booking for Arena Monterrey met up with me in Houston for what I can safely say was one of my most memorable weekends in history. We arrived a bit late (I mean come on, we do this for a living and we couldn’t even get there on time) The rest of the night was full of singing, screaming and of course some Mexican Food with strangers that we met after the concert. As you may know, Rush fans like to stick together.

Dream Theater in Monterrey, Mexico

This was one that I will never forget, especially because I had been dying to meet my personal favorite drummer: Mike Mangini (being a drummer myself) I got to meet him, signed a drumhead and a poster which wonderfully hangs from my apartment wall. The night was full of surprises, including me reuniting with so many friends from my hometown.

Avantasia in Mexico City, Mexico

My two best friends from Monterrey, Mexico tagged along for this one. We traveled all the way to Mexico City just to catch this European act that rarely tours the States. The small venue didn’t stop the more than 2,000 fans that packed the place and sang every single song. I left the building drenched in sweat, the venue was extremely hot. To top off the night we had some street tacos – the perfect evening.

Helloween in San Antonio, Texas

This was the first concert I ever attended on my own. Had to drive 4 hours in the cold and rainy weather to San Antonio to “The White Rabbit” an incredibly small venue. Was able to meet the band, take a few pictures and even get some guitar picks. This was the first time I ever witnessed a European act touring the United States, to this day I still remember what I was wearing and the many friends that I met that day in the parking lot.