After nearly six years at Rogers Arena as the Director of Live Entertainment, Sheena Way is now in Edmonton, helping to book the new Rogers Place arena, the Winter Garden and Ice District which is set to open in September of this year. 

“We’re taking a business that has primarily run a successful NHL franchise, into opening and operating a state of the art arena,” she told Amplify. “Turning 24-acres of downtown Edmonton into the City’s entertainment hub.”


Sheena got her start in music as a teenager working at a record store. Her big break was meeting “super-agent” Steve Herman and becoming his assistant at SL Feldman & Associates.

“Working for Steve was hitting the big leagues in Vancouver!” she said. “Steve was a maniac, he didn’t miss a thing – finger on the pulse. He was honest about a personal touch on everything. He didn’t fake anything.”

From there, Sheena spent eight years at House of Blues Concerts and four years at Live Nation. She started booking at Rogers Arena in Vancouver in 2010. 

Now set to be the GM of the new Rogers Place, Sheena is already trying to find something for everyone by making deals with Live Nation and others who want to book at the arena.

“Being new to this market, it’s publicly challenging to do this but I stand behind our booking philosophy,” she said. “I’ve been targeting as much compelling, exciting and varied content as possible, different configurations, and at a variety of price levels, creating an opportunity for every Edmontonian to visit the facility and start their own exciting memories with the building.”

While we anticipate the September opening of Rogers Place, take a look at Sheena’s top five concerts of all time below. 

Bruce Springsteen at Rogers Arena, Dec. 2012 

Our team was really coming together and I was so proud of their hard work. After an amazing few months with Madonna, Bieber, Streisand, RHCP and Neil Young, The Boss was the cherry. Lights down and Thunder Road is played and I could feel the crowd change, worship him, stop everything for him. It’s just different at a Springsteen show. Remember the GA pit in front of the stage with Bruce climbing in and out of it?! Who else can really do that?!

Jay-Z at Pemberton Festival, 2008

American Gangster was just out and Jay-Z was God. Pemby Fest was new and 40,000 were there to see him. Tory Class and I caught a few songs from the front of house, then, while making our way through the moat to the barricade, he sang “Girls, Girls Girls” turning that moat into the coolest catwalk evah!

Prince at Rogers Arena, 2011

We turned the floor into a cabaret and he just turned everyone on!

Lionel Richie at Rogers Arena, May 2014

Greatest surprise show of my career. We had the first show of his arena tour and it had been a while since he played arenas. He was nervous and sales were sluggish. Anticipation was rather high. Lights come up and he couldn’t have sounded any better! Then came the hits, Easy, Sail On, All Night Long… it was a smooth, smiling dance party!

Social D at Commodore Ballroom, 2002-2012

Me, TA and our House of Blues co-workers would go to every show. We’d spill beers, admire neck tattoos and duck fist fights to the Ball & Chain anthem.