Have you ever wanted to go on tour, but never had a convenient means of transportation? Well, you’re in luck, because you can bid on gently-used tour buses on Ebay nowadays. And guess whose tour bus is currently up for grabs? That’s right, country legend Merle Haggard’s tour bus “SuperChief” is now on the market.

I would normally call BS on a listing like this, but Dave confirmed with the Ebay seller, stevenallen44, this morning through email. The pictures of the interior of the bus attached to the listing also seem to be originals, since they would not appear from other sources in a thorough Google search.

Since it’s apparently legit, let’s check out the features on this bad boy. It’s a 2006-2008 MCI J4500 with a custom interior. It looks nicer than some apartments I’ve been in — it’s got hardwood floors, a stainless steel water heater, and leather seating all around. The word “SuperChief” is embroidered on the seating and stamped on the oven-like thing in the kitchenette, so you’ll never forget what the bus’s name is. Included are thousands of dollars of spare parts for the bus, so you’re never stuck in some two-bit town (as long as you have a good mechanic with you), and stevenallen44 reassures us on the listing that it’s “one of the smoothest buses” to drive.

The bus also carries a bit of history with it. It has an original train horn from the historical Santa Fe Railway which ran from 1859-1996. And let’s not forget that this bus was owned by and custom-made for COUNTRY LEGEND MERLE HAGGARD, so maybe some of his talent will rub off on you while spending time honking the train horn on the road.

The listing has been up since July and there are no bids yet. Bidding starts at $250,000 and, according to stevenallen44, this is a friggin’ steal.

“…if you do your home work a 2006-2008 mci j4500 seated coach run about 305.000 with out all the upgrades and not being Merle haggards bus ????,” he wrote on the listing page.

So get on this people! See you on tour next year!