The Global Spin Awards will return this month for its sixth edition with the biggest names in DJ culture. The spin awards, dubbed the Grammy For DJs, will be hosted by legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and held at the Novo Theater in Los Angeles on Feb. 15. The ceremony will exclusively air Feb. 22 on Revolt TV at 9 p.m. PST.

This year’s ceremonies will continue to acknowledge the best DJs around the world with categories such as DJ of the Year, Hip Hop and EDM DJs of the Year, and 27 other awards. The 2018 nominees include DJ Khaled, DJ Envy, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, and Funk Flex.


“Many years ago I had this vision of creating this awards ceremony that recognizes and honors DJ culture,” Shawn Prez, Founder of The Global Spin Awards told Amplify. Prez added that the reception has been incredible due to the DJs spearheading the excitement.

“The DJs have been our ambassadors. They have been going out and making the artists take notice and made the entertainment industry as a whole take notice,” Prez said. “Year over year there has been an accelerated acknowledgment of what we’re doing.”

That excitement caught the attention of this year’s host Snoop Dogg, who is also nominated in the celebrity DJ category as DJ Snoopadelic.

“We were so happy to have Snoop even recognize us,” Prez said. “He was very much down with what we were doing. This year we figured we’d roll the dice and reach out to him. Amazingly enough, he was the easiest host we were able to land. He wanted to do it.’

Last year’s show was hosted by Rap Legend Tip “T.I.” Harris and attended by some of the industry’s biggest entertainers including Dave Chappelle, DJ Khaled, Joey Badass, No Limit and more. This year is guaranteed to bring more big names with special awards being handed out to Timbaland and Jermaine Durpri.

“We have honored so many of the pioneers and the legends who have taken the craft of DJing and brought it to the masses, so Timbaland was a natural fit,” Prez said. “So many of these amazing producers and amazing executives started off as DJs. We really looked at it from that perspective. Timbaland starts off as a DJ and he transitions into this producer that has sold hundreds of millions of records.”

Timbaland will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, while Jermaine Dupri will be honored with the Breaking Barriers Award.

“On breaking barriers award, we like to think of it as someone who started as a DJ but has allowed the turntables to take them far beyond,” Prez said. “When you look at someone like Jermaine Dupri he became this amazing producer, he started So So Def Records. Even to this day he still is an active DJ with a residency in Vegas.”

Prez said he founded the awards six years ago because DJing was his first foray into the world of music. His best friend, DJ Mack from the Broncs, would spend countless hours digging through record crates and making mixtapes in their youth.

“My first job in the music industry was working at Bad Boy Records. My entire career was built on working with the DJs,” Prez explained. “I ran the promotion department and we started all of our records with the DJs first. They were our litmus test for what was ahead. I gained this appreciation for the DJ community and how valuable they were to breaking these records, getting these records from 0-60.”

The full list of 2018 nominees can be found at

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