In the past eight years, Global Tour Creatives has emerged as a leader in tour marketing materials for some of the biggest acts in the world. The team of three best friends from Ireland has worked on global tours for Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Blink 182, Imagine Dragons, cornering 50% of the market in under a decade.

The team, made up of co-founders James Hyland, Russell Treacy and Lee Walsh, moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and merged productions and promotion entities to begin Global Tour Creatives which offers visuals, TV spots, radio ads, and various other marketing artwork for tours.

“Basically everything creative when it comes to touring would come from us in terms of the marketing side,” Hyland told Amplify. “We would do their typical poster and then we would do all the digital sizes in terms of everywhere you see it online. We would also cut the TV spots, the radio ads, and some people like to use the artwork that we have designed for merchandise. It could be the case where we pitched 10 different samples for the tour and they pick one for the tour and they pick four or five designs they like for their merchandise.”

In the case of their work with Enimem and Rihanna’s 2014 Monster Tour, the artists’ teams liked the marketing material so much they also made it the focus of their stage production.

“When we did Eminem and Rihanna, we split their faces in the middle and all our creative work ended up being the production of the shows,” Hyland said. “The background of the stage was all our artwork and all the ideas and concepts created by the tour marketing ended up being what was used for the show production. Their people loved it and went that direction.”

Posted by Global Tour Creatives on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It is the quality of their work that Hyland says has landed the company where it is today, with half the national touring acts using their marketing materials on the road. One tactic the newcomers used when they first started in Los Angeles was asking artists if they could submit artwork, even if they already had a creative company in place.

“We always say, use the company you’ve been using to do the same and give us the opportunity to submit samples and show you something new and different and then make a decision as to whether or not you want to jump ship,” Hyland said. “That has worked hugely in our favor. We have pitched custom creatives to them and the competitor has pitched them and nine times out of ten we win everything.”

Their services offer consistency around the world with materials that are localized based on date, venue, and ticketing information, but cater area trends as well. With a much larger well of creatives and voice actors than their competitors, materials are targeted based on what songs are doing best in each market and other global factors. Since Global Tour Creatives is part of an artist contract that requires promoters and venues to only use materials from the Los Angeles-based company, artists don’t find themselves confronted with unauthorized ads regardless of where their tour takes them.

With only two other major competitors including Live Nation’s Tour Design, Global Tour Creatives have managed to carve out their niche by appealing to artists’ new emphasis on building a brand through their creatives.

“More and more artists are getting involved in their whole marketing, their look, and their brand,” Hyland said. “We tend to have all the new, upcoming and the most current artists. A lot of the older touring artists with farewell tours and stuff would still have the relationship with our competitors.”

Most recently the company has worked on creatives for Russ, Logic, Childish Gambino, 5 Seconds of Summer, Noah Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour. They also provide all the artwork for Cirque Du Soliel’s touring shows and their material can be seen plastered all over Las Vegas for artists like Celine Dion, J Lo, Pitbull, Lionel Richie, and Britney Spears when she occupied the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood.

“We’ve never lost a client, which is great. The more you do, the more you get. We become part of their team and part of their family,” Hyland said.

Hyland added “Companies can get complacent when they are doing something for so long. They don’t change something because it is not broken, which is understandable. But when someone young and fresh comes into the environment, it ups everyone’s game.”

Another advantage Hyland believes they have is their work environment. The company was built amongst three best friends who spent the first year of business sleeping on their office floors trying to build a name for themselves.

“It’s not a typical employee situation which the other two companies have,” Hyland said. “Whoever we are dealing with, they are always dealing with a company owner. In this business, it is not a 9 to 5 job. Bands are on tour, they are in different time zones, or we are only getting answers to questions late in the evening. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week. It is that personal touch where there is a relationship. There is a trust factor in knowing we are always there and we always get it done. Our day never ends.”

Their roster of 18 full-time employees are similarly suited for their positions.

“What I have done with my team is I’ve actually set them up into genres. I truly believe that if you enjoy what you’re working on, you’re going to have a better result. I have my rock guys, my pop guys. If someone is working on Jay-Z they might not necessarily want to work on Michael Bolton,” Hyland said. “To hire a graphic designer that can make a concert poster, make something come to life is a completely different skill. It is an art in itself.”

To learn more about Global Tour Creatives and see a handful of their work, check out their Facebook page.