The Live Nation NYC promotion company Founders Entertainment has partnered with LENND to streamline festival operations and improve access control for the 2018 Governor’s Ball Music Festival, Amplify has learned.
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The partnership will help the festival team more efficiently manage credentials, catering, parking, asset and equipment requests, vendor management, document tracking, staff lodging, sponsor management, transportation and more.

Founders Entertainment director of festival operations Jenn Stiles said her group chose LENND because “In order to create the best and safest experience possible, we have to innovate in all aspects of our production, operations and systems. LENND’s technology and overall user experience far and away gave us the best chance of success in the short and long-term. This is an exciting partnership for us.”


“We take great pride in working with some of the best event teams in the country and are really excited when a team like Founders entrusts LENND to be the backbone of their operations.” said Chris Carver, co-founder and chief executive of LENND.

As part of this partnership, LENND leveraged its integration with Front Gate Tickets to automate the flow of information for RFID issuance and catering check-in.

“Safety, security and access control are becoming even more of a priority for our event partners, so having a seamless and easy-to-use platform that easily interfaces with their other systems is extremely critical. Our RFID integrations are just one example of that,” says Carver.

When asked how the first year went with LENND, Stiles remarked, “It was the smoothest experience we’ve ever had. One indication of success, is how much or how little I have to troubleshoot the database while on-site, as well as how much my team or other vendors complain about the system we’re using. Frankly, this was the first year, where I never had to deal with that. That should you tell you something.”

Given LENND takes a technology first approach, Carver and his team are preparing to release a number of tools, apps and integrations to add to the platform: from additional real-time reports, to full self set-up, to processing internal payments and more.

“It’s incredible to hear how happy the Founders Team and their vendors were with LENND this year. We’ve taken a deliberate approach to ensure LENND not only meets the needs and expectations of some of the largest live events in the country, but also to give our partners a glimpse at what is possible,” said Carver.

It’s really exciting to think about the potential of the LENND technology to not only improve some of our key processes, but also as a way to have all of our data in one place and have all of our systems talk to each other.” said Stiles.

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