Did you see Green Book? Remember the scene in the beginning of the film when Viggo Mortensen’s character Tony Lip proves he’s a standup guy and returns the missing hat of capo Gio Loscudo? If the hoodlum to Gio’s right looks familiar, that’s because it’s Seth Hurwitz from the 9:30 Club and The Anthem in D.C.

Yes, Seth Hurwitz of I.M.P is in the Oscar-buzzing moving Green Book, playing wise guy Johnny Randazzo and delivering a very memorable line of dialogue that I will repeat to Seth each time I see him (and maybe throw in the kiss of death for added effect).

We did a little digging and we found a number of credits for Seth including The Wire in 2006 and Treme in 2010, opposite John Goodman. A source tells us its been a creative pursuit he’s enjoyed for a number of years, and adds that his latest acting credit has him ready for more – “he’s currently interviewing agents to discuss his film career,” our source says.