Did Jake Schneider just find the perfect backpack?

“I call it my Franken-bag” he said, describing his modified GoRuck G2 bag combined with several components from an Incase/Stussy collaboration project. GoRuck bags, utilize the MOLLE system (short for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) and are popular with military personnel and law enforcement.

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“It’s got tactical webbing so can you add attachments to it,” he said. “I could add in all these crazy attachments to the backpack, where I’ve got a sunglass case hanging off the left side, a water bottle pocket, other pockets for random shit in the front. It’s pretty tricked out.”


While he loves his new bag, it’s created a bit of an existential crisis for the 33-year-old booking agent — Jake has spent so much time looking for the perfect backpack, he’s not sure what to look for now.

“The amount of times my wife has had to deal with backpacks being delivered and returned from our house, or to the office, is insane,” he said. “I don’t see any backpack purchasing on the horizon anytime soon. I think I finally found the perfect solution.”

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Schneider started at Madison House in 2005 when he was only 22 years old, working with Lotus and signing other EDM acts, carving out a piece of the fast-growing genre.

“We had a very jam-band-heavy roster, but I really wanted to make it something new,” he said. “I just basically started building up the roster, doing a lot of electronic stuff, hip hop stuff, indie stuff, and just got to the point where things were really working out.

Three years ago he became a partner at Madison House — “the lifestyle, what we’re able to do, what we’re building over here was so worthwhile, and my business partners were just so awesome, that there was no reason for me to really go anywhere else.”

Jake’s office

Pano from behind the desk

His job has him traveling the world attending different festivals and Schneider is always careful to pack the right gear. We asked him to detail a few of the things he’s taking in his backpack this summer. Here’s what he came up with:

Battery Pack

“I always have two external batteries with me at any given time,” Jake said, adding that he typically carries one battery that’s over 10,000 mAh for large devices like a tablet, and a smaller 4,000-6,000 mAh charger as a backup of the backup. He recommends a KMASHI which is on sale at Amazon Prime for $13.99.

“It’s important that the battery charges at least at 2.1 amps so you can get a quick charge and if you need to use your phone, it still charges while you’re using it,” he said.

Jake carries the iPhone 6 Plus which means he has to carry two cables, one to charge the battery and another to connect his phone to the battery. Looking to limit the number of cables he needs, Jake said he sponsored a Kickstarter by a company in Asia that powers the phone with the Apple lightning cord.

“So you can just travel around with the lightning cord, have the battery pack on your phone, and then just charge it with the lightning cord,” he said. “Just one cord dude.”


B&O H7 Wireless Headphones

When it comes to ear candy, Jake said he’s currently sporting the Bang and Olufsen H7 wireless Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones.

“I just made it a whole trip to London and back on the same charge,” he said. “You can use them to answer calls, change tracks or do whatever you want.”

They’re not noise-cancelling, but they drown out a lot of nonsense, he said.

“Especially when trying to sleep on a tour bus at a festival while people around you are either raging through the night or snoring, although I’m often guilty of snoring,” he said.

After a ton of research, “these are, in my opinion, the longest lasting. I try to minimize the amount of things I need to charge frequently,” Jake added. “And they look dope, too. They’ve got a really cool tan and steel industrial color scheme to them.”

Vape Mod

HexOhm Box Mod Vape

Jake uses a water-based HexOhm Vape pen and prefers the Fruity Pebbles-flavored vape juice, “for those cool-down moments.”

“I like to pop one off in the airport bathroom. Just kind of as you’re rolling,” he said. “Much of the vaping stuff is made overseas and can cause health concerns. While none of this is GREAT for you, HexOhm is AMERICAN-MADE and contains a lifetime warranty.” When he’s not vaping fruity pebs, he’s digging a new flavor called Confection. “It’s like a funfetti birthday cake flavor,” he said.

Zero Fucks Given Coins


These hand-made coins cut the tension when things start going sideways, Jake explained.

“Basically, when someone’s just losing their shit, you just give them a Zero Fucks Given coin, and just be like, ‘Take it down a notch. The world is not ending.’”

Finger_WEB_c0c57569-d132-4d4a-83bb-f56a95024934_compact Back_WEB_871786dd-99ec-4f5d-b066-d2ffd317e328_compact

Chromecast + Beamer

By combining the streaming Chromecast USB stick with the Beamer app, Jake can easily stream anything from his computer to any TV. Beamer works will all video types, codecs and resolutions and can stream any type of content, even those with DMI or proprietary formats.

“As long as you’ve got an internet connection, and both of them are connected, you’re rocking,” he said. “And with Beamer, you can play anything on your computer on the TV. If you’ve got any sort of online subscription with Chromecast, you’re not missing any Arsenal games.”

When he’s not watching soccer, Jake said he’s currently digging European Formula One racing.

“Some of those are in the middle of the night, and I want to watch them on the road,” hence the Chrome/Beamer combo.

“European racing is like a whole other level of baller status,” he said.

Elite Sunglass and Watch Holder by Brouk and Co.


“I’ve got a case that I carry with me at all times when I’m traveling that holds and protects two pairs of sunglasses and two different watches,” Jake said, adding that it’s an essential item to have at any festival.

Why does he carry two watches and two pairs of shades?

“Just because I like to switch it up,” he said. “I’m a watch fan, and there are watches that are meant for specific occasions. I’m an old school watch fan. I’m not a smart watch dude.

Jake prefers Swiss watches, adding that watches are “an extension of who you are,” he said. “There’s some that are better suited in the day, when you’re out there and you need something that’s more utilitarian. But there’s also a watch if you need to go to a dinner at night, that you can dress it up a little bit.”



“You’ve got to get that stomach right,” he said, especially when pulling a three-day grind at a hot, boozy festival site.

Jake said he always packs Imodium, which helps keep him and his crew regular and out of the nasty festival port-a-potties.

“Imodium is the finest designer drug made for music industry people,” he said. “I swear to God. You have to have it. I’m a huge fan of corn dogs. That’s like God’s gift to Earth, in my opinion. I guess the Imodium kind of ties into the corn dogs.”

Dark Sky Weather App for iPhone


“It legitimately will tell you within five minutes if it’s going to rain, or what’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s great for telling you what conditions look like and what the (rain) percentage is every 30 minutes.”

What does he do if rain hits, or if he runs into a bad bout of sweaty stank?

“I always carry a clean white sweat towel with me at music festivals,” he said. “Always.”

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