Rising Brooklyn-born musician and producer, King Princess, previewed multiple tracks from her upcoming debut album at a sold-out show in Los Angeles Thursday (July 26) night. The just under 800-capacity El Rey Theatre marks one of the largest shows for the 19-year-old artist in her new hometown.

With only one five-song EP on Spotify, King Princess had a sold out crowd wrapped around Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile Thursday evening. Mikaela Strauss, better known by her stage name King Princes, packed the LA show based on the strength of her self-produced Make My Bed EP.
Released in mid-June, Make My Bed is the first release from Mark Ronson’s new label, Zelig Records. The succinct five-song pop gem has already been streamed over 120 million times.
Backed by the heavy drapery of the 80-year-old theater and a simple prom style banner donning the King Princess moniker, Strauss strutted out on stage with her full band greeting the roaring crowd with “Hey chickens,” and launching into the title song from Make My Bed.
The multi-instrumentalist who grew up in her father’s New York recording studio played from behind the keyboard before regaining her position at the front of the stage with a guitar.
“Bunch of gays,” Strauss said into the microphone. “I’m really fucking excited.”
The openly gay singer has not shied away from her ascendance as a queer icon. Strauss has explained that her breakout track “1950” is “an ode to queer love” based on Patricia Highsmith’s sapphic novel The Price of Salt (also the basis for the 2015 film Carol.)

A lyric from the same track was tweeted out by former One Direction member, Harry Styles, garnering the young artist even more attention.

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“We’ve been going around this great nation and the one thing that is so inspiring is seeing the unity with queer people,” Strauss said to the crowd on Thursday night prior to playing “1950.” “I don’t want to go crazy on you people, but the gays are here to stay. All around this country, we’re together in this shit and that’s pretty fucking cool.”

In addition to playing tracks “Make My Bed,” “1950,” and “Talia” which Strauss referred to as a “salty” song about a lady, the musician performed tracks from her impending debut album. King Princess performed unreleased songs “Best Friend,” “House Burn Down,” “Homegirl,” and “Ohio,” which are expected to appear on the untitled album due out later this year.
Strauss also played Soundcloud-only track “Sunburn,” which she said was written with her enemy turned bass player who appeared with her onstage.
King Princess’ only scheduled tour dates currently include stops at the Music Box in San Diego July 30 and the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City on Sept. 13.

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