The Knitting Factory has announced the first round of the Cat Videos Live tour. Hitting the road this Fall, the Cat Videos Live tour is a comprehensive and ambitious touring production of the world’s best cat-themed video presentations. Currently announced dates include stops in Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit with more expected to be announced.

Cat Videos Live will be hosted by New York City-based comedian Carla Rhodes who has performed with a wide array of artists such as Neil Hamburger, The Eels and Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric). The show is being slated as a family-friendly, feline film, cat comedy event and social gathering for all ages where everyone can experience a curated selection of videos, as well as share amateur and celebrity cat videos.


While the two-hour program has national common elements, each city’s performance and presentation will be unique, with locally programmed media and celebrity guest hosts and videos.

Co-producing the tour with The Knitting Factory is award-winning video producer, director and editor Eric Dorris, founder of, “For the Love of Cats.”

Dorris said in a release, “We’re delighted to make the concept of into a live touring experience for the family—cat [and dog] lovers alike.  Cat Videos Live! is a rollicking roadshow combining community, comedy and technology. It’s a showcase of local, national and international filmmaking talent. It’s an amazing outpouring of both creative output and shared experiences and interests.”

According to Tubular Insights, an estimated 2 million cat videos had been uploaded to YouTube and racked up 25 billion views. Knitting Factory Presents has already sold-out several cat video events from the Showbox in Seattle to the Warsaw in Brooklyn to the Federal in Long Beach to the Echoplex in Los Angeles.

In addition to the tour, is launching an app to tie together the touring experience and web site for cat fans and supporters.  iOS and Android mobile device users will be able to upload their own videos, share others, get catmojis, buy tickets, visit partner sites, support sponsors and charities.

Venues and dates for the first four dates on the CVL Tour are: Wednesday, October 4 at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee; Thursday, October 5 at Thalia Hall in Chicago; Saturday, October 7 at the Masonic Temple in Detroit; and Sunday, October 8 at The Pageant in St. Louis. Tickets go on sale Friday (July 21) at