Those Leiweke boys are at it again. On Friday, Tod Leiweke announced that he was resigning from his position as CEO of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning to become the new Chief Operating Officer of the NFL.

It’s a move back to football for Tod, who served as the Seattle Seahawks’ CEO from 2003 to 2010 before joining the Lightning. The move surprised many in the NFL and according to a CBS report, many owners didn’t know about the announcement until a few hours prior to a press release being issued.

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Up in Toronto, Tim Leiweke isn’t ready to leave Toronto quite yet. The Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment CEO has stayed on the job past the June 30 exit date. Leiweke won’t leave until a replacement is found, although reports that he’lll stay in the top spot for another year “are not accurate,” according to a source familiar with the situation. Officials with the team said a report last week by Sportsnet’s Bob McCown that Leiweke would remain at MLSE for another year was “absolutely false.”

“Nothing has changed since our May announcement,” our source said. At the beginning of the summer, MLSE Chairman Larry Tannenbaum released a statement announcing that Leiweke had “agreed to continue as CEO on an interim basis” while “we focus our CEO search on the appointment of a strategic business leader able to enhance MLSE’s unique collection of world-class assets.”