Ty Stiklorius has left Troy Carter’s Atom Factory. The manager of John Legend and K’naan and the Co-President of Atom Factory is leaving to start her own company Friends at Work. Adina Friedman has also left Atom Factory and is taking her marquis client Lindsey Stirling with her. Their last day at Atom Factory was yesterday. According to her LinkedIn page, Friedman has worked at Atom Factory since Oct. 2012.

Ty has not publicly commented on her exit. Yesterday after telling company officials she was leaving the company she sent out this tweet. Don’t read too much into it — she was at a Duran Duran concert when sending it. 

Stiklorius had worked out of the Atom Factory’s LA office and first partnered with Carter in 2012 to co-manage musicians Legend, K’naan, and Stirling.  She is also a partner with Legend and Mike Jackson in Get Lifted Film Co. She was made co-President of Atom Factory with Julius “J” Erving in March 2014.

Bowlin’ Day 1

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Last night Stiklorius was at the Duran Duran show at the Hollywood Bowl.