Actress Maxie Solters and adult toy company Adam & Eve have partnered on a brand new web series that takes the taboo out of talking about sex. Climax! the show depicts Solters as sex therapist Sarah Dickman (nice double entendre) as she encourages individuals and couples to open up about their sex lives with the help of battery-powered assistance.
“It’s about a sex therapist who I play, Sarah Dickman. In every episode the gag is she thinks the solution is a vibrator,” Solters told Amplify. “There’s a whole bunch of weird clients that come and see her and for everybody it’s ‘Why don’t you try this vibrator?'”

Solters is the daughter of well known celebrity publicist Larry Solters, and Maxie works with her dad at his firm Scoop Marketing as a publicist. Solters came up with the show when she was attending University of Southern California and a friend asked her a question about sex, a topic her friends feel comfortable breaching with her often. That’s the one aspect of the show she said that reflects her real life.
She explained, “I have no filter with sex. To me it’s not an issue. It’s something that people do. It’s something people should talk about,” adding “It’s not bad. The bad thing is when people don’t talk about it.”
Maxie’s advice? “Try a vibrator.” And that’s how web series are born, kids. Just ask your parents.
 “My parents have seen me do the Vagina Monologues about nine times now. My parents are very cool. They’re both very liberal,” she said, explaining that she’ll have no problem with them watching the new series. “It’s very campy and it’s very PG.”
Solters will be entering her 10th year with the Vagina Monologues in 2017. She began coordinating the campaign for the show when she was a student at USC and the liberation for both herself and the audience had a huge impact on her life. Not only does the performance take the taboo away from talking about sex, it reduces the stigma of discussing sexual violence.
“We raise awareness and funds to stop violence against women and girls,” Solters said. “The point of doing the Vagina Monologues and a show like this is to get people comfortable talking about sex and comfortable talking about those issues.”
During her time at USC, she ran a special event featuring Dr. Denis Mukwege of the Democratic Republic of Congo with more than 1,000 people in attendance and founded her own campaign, V-Day Studio City. She also continues to support A Window Between Worlds and Peace Over Violence, local organizations that work to stop sexual and domestic violence.
Partner Adam and Eve has also used their platform to encourage safe sex and family planning around the world. The company matches funds for non-profits and its largest beneficiary is Founder Phil Harvey’s DKT International which provides couples with affordable and safe options for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.
The two entities partnered after Solters sent blind emails to sex toy companies who might be interested in such a niche show. Adam & Eve were excited by the original content and chose to sponsor the show and even offer deals for viewers.
“What I suggested to them was to use the content for their social media and marketing on their websites and their newsletters to get people to stay on their site and keep coming back,” Solters said, adding that the idea came to her during a marketing class.
Frustrated with the highly competitive acting industry, Maxie decided to create her own content rather than wait for a phone call from an agent. With the backing of Adam & Eve, she was able to bring the show to life.
“Web content is great now because so many things have come from it like Broad City and Workaholics,” Solters said. “It’s the freedom to do what you want,” adding “I’m so much more satisfied by having created something on my own that’s out there in the world rather than just saying ‘Hi’ on a TV show.”
The first season of Climax! has ten episodes that will be released once a week on Wednesdays (Hump Day) on their YouTube channel, with previews dropping every Friday.