This week, a drone company called Measure announced the launch of a new nationwide division to service the arts and entertainment industry. The new division, M2, will be the nation’s first network of full-time drone pilots specializing in airborne storytelling needs.

“M2 really pulls from the best parts of Measure,” the company’s VP of Media, Jon Ollwerther, told Amplify. “We leverage Measure’s nationwide footprint. We leverage Measure’s best-in-class compliance and regulatory team, best-in-class flight ops team. We went around and brought the best pilots and cinematographers onto our team.”

M2 will include Emmy-winning aerial cinematographer Eric Austin who has worked with television, film, and brands for almost ten years. Measure acquired Austin’s Helivideo Productions, a supplier of low-altitude aerial video for web, television and film, as a key building block of the M2 business.

“One thing that really differentiates M2 is that we say we are for creatives, by creatives,” Ollwerther said. “It is something very different to film for a movie and TV show or a commercial than it is to just take a pretty picture. It takes knowledge and it takes a lifetime of experience and practice and study. That’s what our team brings to the table.”

The experienced team at M2 has the capability to provide drone services for both live and recorded footage. Whether the footage is for a live feed or an edited project, Measure has pilots with that knowledge. M2 has already worked with ESPN, ABC, CBS, Coach, Rihanna, Fenty/Puma, Cartier, New England Productions (NEP), NBC Sports and The Olympic Channel. Recently, the company provided recorded coverage for a private Stevie Nicks concert that was held on Governor’s Island.

“M2 is really aggressively moving into the festival and concert space. We have tech that can do live feed for the festival, streaming feed, broadcast feed and we can do it all simultaneously,” Ollwerther. “We help costumers safely integrate drones into their festival or their concert.”

In addition to the safety of the fans, one of M2’s most valuable assets is their extensive knowledge in drone regulation. Measure headquarters in D.C. makes sure all permitting is in order for their customers.

“We make sure that all the permitting is correct and all the safety concerns are met,” said Ollwerther. “It is such a selling point for us that we have this department of people who used to do this professionally in the military and now they do this professionally for small, unmanned aerial systems. Our flight ops team has been deployed in almost every overseas theater.”

Customers are also taken care of when it comes to technology. Their pilots work with the best possible devices according to the customer’s needs.

“We are totally technology agnostic. We are equipment agnostic. We work with the best equipment for that given customer,” Ollwerther explained. “We help customers understand what the best equipment is for them. We have a whole suite that we can work with.”

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