For the fifth annual Northern Nights, the Northern California festival is ramping up its cannabis inclusion to celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition.

Since the state of California voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in last year’s election, Northern Nights organizers decided to create a cannabis habitat in the center of their July 14-16 festival. Dubbed the “Tree Lounge,” the medical marijuana zone will be available to all festival-goers with a legal cannabis card.

“Let’s be honest, cannabis has always been apart of festivals but little did we know that cannabis was going to be legalized in the State of California five years after Northern Nights was founded in 2013,” co-founder of Northern Nights Andrew Blap told Amplify. “With the unique location of Cook’s Valley Campground, on the County Line of Mendocino / Humboldt, it’s only natural for NN to highlight the cultivators of culture and authentic cannabis from the Emerald Triangle, the Northern California vibes.”

A total of 21 cultivators will be on site to recommend products to attendees amongst the California Redwoods. The cannabis oasis will also include meet and greets with headliners, “Yoga in the Grove” program curated by Bloom Farms, while  North Bay Nectar will be providing cannabis infused and hemp infused massage oil for 6,000 massages.

“Last year, cannabis was also available with your doctors recommendation, but you had to go to a secluded zone” Blap said. “It was fun and stacked with amazing brands, but it was never easy to find. This year, #NNMF is humbled and excited to announce that we will be moving the Medical Marijuana (215) Zone into the main bowl to make it more accessible, with a full view of all the magic on the Main Stage.”

The festival boasts that attendees can “Smoke a bowl in the main bowl” while watching musical acts like hip-hop collective Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Cherub, Big Wild, G Jones, Dirtwire, Random Rab, and Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage.

The recreational use of marijuana does not officially become law until 2018, so festival-goers will still need to have a license this year to enter the Tree Lounge. But doctors will also be on site at Northern Lights to help individuals seeking a medical marijuana license.

Blap explained “For anyone looking to learn about how cannabis could help them with a particular pain or challenge, there will be a doctor offering onsite medical cannabis recommendations. Some may come, check it out and decide cannabis isn’t for them. And that’s fine, but for anyone who wants to access areas where cannabis is, they will need a doctors recommendation.”

While marijuana use is not necessarily a new aspect for California festivals, Northern Nights organizers see the state’s legalization as momentum to enhance their cannabis offers this year and in the future.

“Cannabis has always been a part of the experience of any festival, main stage concert setting,” said Blap. “Now with the new regulations, there is an opportunity to showcase how to implement the experience of music, arts, culture and cannabis in an authentic way.”

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